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Cygames Teases New Announcement with Countdown Website

Cygames, a Japanese company that specializes in mobile and social games such as Rage of Bahamut and Granblue Fantasy, has launched a teaser website counting down to an announcement on October 16, 2015. What could it be? Hit the jump to speculate.

Crunchyroll Adds "Magical Somera-chan" Anime to Fall Lineup

The new announcements at Crunchyroll continue unabated today as Magical Somera-chan joins the fall season of simulcasts. Read on for more details about the new show from the studio that produced I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying!

VIDEO: "Umbrella Corps" Gameplay Tests Out One Life Mode

Capcom shared a couple videos for upcoming multiplayer Resident Evil shooter Umbrella Corps, starting with a new gameplay trailer that pits the dev team against each other in "One Life" mode. More after the jump.

New "Haikyu!!" Game Announced for Nintendo 3DS

A new Haikyu!! game is coming to Nintendo 3DS in Japan. The latest issue of Jump announces Haikyu!! Cross Team Match, which will feature an original story that lets players put their own fantasy volleyball team together and take on their rivals. Read on for more.

Site News

2323 New Fall Titles: The Perfect Insider
Happy Humpday as we get started with another day of announcements, starting with more details on the murder mystery title, The Perfect Insider! The Perfect Insider launches Thursday, October 8...
1124 Crunchyroll Is Coming To New York Comic Con!
Hey everyone! We will be at New York Comic Con for a panel THIS THURSDAY, October 8th! Everyone who shows up gets a Crunchyroll wristband, and we'll be giving out prizes during the...
6248 New Fall Titles: Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note, DD Fist of the North Star II + Fist of the North Star: Strawberry Flavor
We've also got the mystery title Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note launching on Crunchyroll starting on Wednesday, October 7 at 4:00am Pacific Time in the following territories: United States, Canada,...
9845 New Fall Titles: Shin Atashinchi, Bottom Biting Bug 4, Peeping Life, JK Meshi, Mr. Osomatsu, YuruYuri 3
Comedy and slice of life seem to be the predominant themes today as Shin Atashinchi joins the Fall Lineup starting on Tuesday, October 6 with episodes 1-3 airing at 4:30am Pacific Time. Shin...
17167 New Fall Titles: Komori-san UPDATES, Hakone, UTAWARERUMONO -Itsuwari no Kamen-
For some more fun before going returning to our Mondays, Komori-san Can't Decline will be launching TONIGHT at 7:30pm Pacific Time, with regular episodes launching every Sunday at 7:30am Pacific...

All-New Anime

  • 2 hours ago To Love Ru Darkness 2 Episode 12 To Love Ru Darkness 2 Prediction is impossible ~Rampaging Darkness~ Episode 12
  • 11 hours ago Gintama Season 3 Episode 291 Gintama Season 3 Always Leave Enough Room for Pebbles in Your Bag Episode 291
  • one day ago God Eater Episode 7 God Eater A Flower in Bloom Episode 7
  • one day ago Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 1 (Subtitled) Episode 20 Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 1 (Subtitled) Three Gods Combine! Gate Guardian Episode 20
  • one day ago Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 1 (Subtitled) Episode 19 Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 1 (Subtitled) Labyrinth Tag Duel Episode 19
  • one day ago Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 1 (Subtitled) Episode 18 Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 1 (Subtitled) Shield & Sword Episode 18
  • one day ago Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 1 (Subtitled) Episode 17 Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 1 (Subtitled) Terror! Call of the Haunted Episode 17
  • one day ago Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 1 (Subtitled) Episode 16 Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 1 (Subtitled) Clash! Blue-Eyes vs Red-Eyes Episode 16
  • one day ago Durarara!! X2 The Second Arc (Dub) Episode 16 Durarara!! X2 The Second Arc (Dub) A Rumor Only Lasts Seventy-Five Days Episode 16

All-New Drama

  • 20 hours ago Forget Me Not Episode 2 Forget Me Not Untitled Episode 2
  • one day ago Ultraman X Episode 11 Ultraman X An Unknown Friend Episode 11
  • one day ago Forget Me Not Episode 1 Forget Me Not Untitled Episode 1
  • 6 days ago Ghostwriter Episode 9 Ghostwriter Untitled Episode 9
  • 6 days ago Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (Drama) - Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (Movie) Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (Drama) Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (Movie)
  • 8 days ago Ultraman X Episode 10 Ultraman X The Monster Won't Move Episode 10
  • 11 days ago Detective vs Detectives Episode 11 Detective vs Detectives Untitled Episode 11
  • 11 days ago Akagi (Drama) Episode 10 Akagi (Drama) Untitled Episode 10
  • 13 days ago Ghostwriter Episode 8 Ghostwriter Untitled Episode 8

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