Summer 2014 Simulcasts

  • Saturdays 6:00am EDT
    Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 2
    Episode 1 Episode 2
  • Saturdays 12:30pm EDT
    Sword Art Online II Episode 2
    Episode 2 Episode 3 Ep 4 in 2 days
  • Wednesdays 11:30am EDT
    Free! Eternal Summer Episode 3
    Episode 3 Episode 4
  • Thursdays 7:00am EDT
    Naruto Shippuden: Season 17 Episode 368
    Episode 367 Episode 368 Ep 369 in 17 hrs
  • Saturdays 10:00pm EDT
    One Piece Episode 654
    Episode 653 Episode 654
  • Thursdays 11:30am EDT
    ARGEVOLLEN Episode 2
    Episode 2 Episode 3 Ep 4 in 22 hrs
  • Thursdays 3:00pm EDT
    Locodol Episode 2
    Episode 2 Episode 3 Ep 4 in 1 day
  • Sundays 12:00pm EDT
    Akame ga Kill! Episode 2
    Episode 2 Episode 3 Ep 4 in 3 days
  • Fridays 12:30pm EDT
    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Episode 15
    Episode 15 Episode 16 Ep 17 in 1 day
  • Fridays 10:00pm EDT
    Fairy Tail Series 2 Episode 15
    Episode 15 Episode 16 Ep 17 in 2 days
  • Mondays 2:30pm EDT
    Blue Spring Ride Episode 2
    Episode 2 Episode 3
  • Thursdays 11:00am EDT
    GLASSLIP Episode 2
    Episode 2 Episode 3 Ep 4 in 21 hrs

Latest News

"Onechanbara Z2: Chaos" Gets a Concrete Japanese Release Date

Onechanbara Z2: Chaos was announced for PlayStation 4 around the middle of the month, and its reveal came with an October release window. According to this week's issue of Famitsu magazine, the action game sequel now has a more concrete Japanese release date of October 30. More after the jump.

New "Macross" Anime In Its Planning Stages

The March 26th end of the latest Japanese TV rebroadcast of 2008's Macross Frontier concluded with the announcement that a new TV anime is the works. There was no additional information at the time, and it sounds like you probably shouldn't expect much more soon. More after the jump.

"Super Smash Bros." Screen Offers a Peek at the "Star Fox" Stage

Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai recently made Star Fox the subject of his pic of the day on Miiverse. The next game in the Smash series features a stage that has players battling atop the Great Fox, which you can see in the dramatic angle pictured after the jump.

"Space Brothers #0" Poster Unveiled

A-1 Pictures has presented a special poster for Space Brothers #0, set to be displayed in Japanese theaters starting this weekend ahead of the anime movie's August 9th debut. The feature, newly written by the original manga creator Chuya Koyama, promises to explore the origin of the astronaut dreams of Mutta and Hibito Nanba. Get a look after the jump.

Site News

4207 The Tenth Prism Manga Coloring Contest! Win a Shikishi from the Author Masahito Soda!
Hey guys! DarlingDaniChan here with another super awesome Crunchyroll Manga contest! This one is a coloring contest for The Tenth Prism by Masahito Soda and Kanaka Mizuki which is...
17658 Design your OWN Onigiri Headdress in-game item!
Hey guys ~ ! The Original SailorBee here! We have a super exciting contest for you all! We’ve been talking a lot about the upcoming Onigiri F2P game and we’re totally in love with...
27475 New Summer Titles: Bladedance of Elementalers, Invaders of the Rokujyoma, Nobunaga Concerto, Magimoji Rurumo
[UPDATE]Thank you for everyone's patience, new episodes of Magimoji Rurumo will be airing every Friday at 10pm Pacific Time, so don't forget to mark it on your calendars! For our last...
25534 New Simulcast Announcement: Tokyo ESP, Encouragement of Climb Season Two, Ai-Mai-Mi Season 2 and Strange+ Season 2...
Tiffako here for the third day in a row to announce a few more shows that are airing on Crunchyroll this summer! ...
17556 New Summer Titles: Love Stage!! and FATE/KALEID LINER PRISMA ILLYA 2wei!
Hey everyone! Tiffako here to announce the upcoming summer simulcasts!! I know a bunch of you guys have been waiting for the next two titles so here they are!!! Love Stage!! is set to...

All-New Anime

  • one hour ago Magimoji Rurumo Episode 2 Magimoji Rurumo Episode 2
  • one hour ago Samurai Jam-Bakumatsu Rock Episode 3 Samurai Jam-Bakumatsu Rock Passion! Let's Work! Episode 3
  • one hour ago Free! Eternal Summer Episode 3 Free! Eternal Summer Episode 3
  • 12 hours ago Nobunaga Concerto Episode 1 Nobunaga Concerto Saburou Nobunaga Episode 1
  • 14 hours ago Call To Cosplay Episode 2 Call To Cosplay Episode 2
  • 22 hours ago Momo Kyun Sword Episode 2 Momo Kyun Sword Demon Combination!? Onihime is Here! Episode 2
  • 23 hours ago Hunter x Hunter Episode 138 Hunter x Hunter Request x And x Wish Episode 138
  • one day ago MAGICA WARS Episode 15 MAGICA WARS Episode 15
  • one day ago Majin Bone Episode 16 Majin Bone Will of Steel Episode 16

All-New Drama

  • one day ago GTO 2014 Episode 2 GTO 2014 Episode 2
  • 4 days ago Is There a Vet in the House? Episode 2 Is There a Vet in the House? Episode 2
  • 8 days ago GTO 2014 Episode 1 GTO 2014 Episode 1
  • 11 days ago Is There a Vet in the House? Episode 1 Is There a Vet in the House? Episode 1
  • 15 days ago GTO 2012 Episode 11 GTO 2012 Episode 11
  • 15 days ago GTO 2012 Episode 10 GTO 2012 Episode 10
  • 15 days ago GTO 2012 Episode 9 GTO 2012 Episode 9
  • 15 days ago GTO 2012 Episode 8 GTO 2012 Episode 8
  • 15 days ago GTO 2012 Episode 7 GTO 2012 Episode 7

Summer 2014 Simulcast Lineup

View the Summer 2014 Lineup, and check back daily as we announce all new titles this week.

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