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Kodansha Presents Teaser Image From Biggest "Attack on Titan" Manga Panel Ever

Kodansha will be presenting the The Biggest Attack on Titan Manga Announcement Ever at New York comic Con on Thursday, October 8th  at 4:00 PM. As the title suggests, they promise to make the biggest announcement about the Attack on Titan comics series... ever. Kodansha USA General Manager Kana Koide, Director of Publishing Ben Applegate and a few Special Guests will lead the Panel, answer questions and give away some goodies.

"Sword Art Online - Code Register" Begins Introducing Halloween Designs

Released for Android and iOS in late 2014, Sword Art Online Code Register brings together characters and abilities from SAO, ALO and GGO. As  soon as October stared, it began presenting special ★ 6  Halloween themed gacha of Pumpkin Witch Asuna and Trick or Treat Sinon. Get a look after the jump.

Akitaka Mika Designs Umaru Mech

Akitaka Mika is a noted mecha designer who contributed to the Gundam series for the decades, as well as Transformers (Predaking specifically), Martian Successor Nadesico, Silent Mobius, Raildex, Date a Live and more. Every month, he gets his moe on in bishōjo magazine, Nyantype with a "Girl, Mechanical device and Power" illustration series. For the newly released November he sent off the Umaru-chan anime by giving Doma-san her own mech.

"Tokyo Ghoul" and "One-Punch Man" Artists Draw "Howl's Moving Castle"

This Friday, 2004 Howl's Moving Castle aired on NTV's Roadshow. Such TV broadcasts generate plenty of enthusiasm and fan art. This one attracted tributes from some impressive names, including the artists on the Tokyo Ghoul and One-Punch Man manga. Get a look after the jump.

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2026 New Fall Titles: UTAWARERUMONO -Itsuwari no Kamen-
It may be the weekend, but that doesn't stop us from adding even more titles to our Fall 205 Lineup! UTAWARERUMONO -Itsuwari no Kamen- launched today and will be available on Saturdays at...
21390 New Fall Titles: MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM Iron-Blooded Orphans, Diabolik Lovers 2 DETAILS, Haikyu 2, Kagewani, A Lull in the S
Aaaand, one more for the weekend, the English dub of Nagi no Asukara, A Lull in the Sea, is now available for members in the US and Canada! Free members can watch up to episode 6, and Premium...
2146 ART CONTEST! Design Crunchyroll-Hime's Halloween costume!
Hime-chan doesn't know WHAT to be for Halloween! So she's looking to her users to decide~!!! Win an anime prize pack and dress Hime officially for Halloween 2015!! DETAILED...
24689 New Fall Titles: Lupin the Third Part 1, Yosuga no Sora, Comet Lucifer, Fafner Exodus, The File of Young K
Wow it's just a roll here today at Crunchyroll as Lupin the Third Part 1 comes to Crunchyroll's catalog in the US and Canada! With the help of some quick gunplay by his partner Jigen,...
24907 New Fall Titles: Hackadoll, Lovely Muuuuuuuco!, Miss Monochrome 3, Young Black Jack, Forget Me Not, Teekyu 6
Today's announcements aren't over yet as Hackadoll the Animation comes to Crunchyroll on Friday, October 2, at 8:30am Pacific Time! Hackadoll the Animation will be available to Crunchyroll...

All-New Anime

  • 9 hours ago Cardfight!! Vanguard G Episode 48 Cardfight!! Vanguard G Conclusion Episode 48
  • 9 hours ago One Piece Episode 712 One Piece A Strong Wind and a Surge! Hakuba vs. Dellinger! Episode 712
  • 12 hours ago World Trigger Episode 47 World Trigger The Captain's Pride Episode 47
  • 16 hours ago Case Closed Episode 793 Case Closed Three First Discoverers (Part 2) Episode 793
  • 16 hours ago Gatchaman Crowds insight Episode 12 Gatchaman Crowds insight insight Episode 12
  • 17 hours ago Wagnaria!!3 Episode 13 Wagnaria!!3 Midday Duel Episode 13
  • 17 hours ago Charlotte Episode 13 Charlotte Memories to Come Episode 13
  • 18 hours ago Durarara!! X2 The Second Arc Episode 24 Durarara!! X2 The Second Arc It Takes a Thief to Catch a Thief Episode 24
  • one day ago Fairy Tail Series 2 Episode 77 Fairy Tail Series 2 Tartaros Arc: Gray Versus Silver Episode 77

All-New Drama

  • 3 days ago Ghostwriter Episode 9 Ghostwriter Untitled Episode 9
  • 3 days ago Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (Drama) - Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (Movie) Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (Drama) Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (Movie)
  • 5 days ago Ultraman X Episode 10 Ultraman X The Monster Won't Move Episode 10
  • 7 days ago Detective vs Detectives Episode 11 Detective vs Detectives Untitled Episode 11
  • 7 days ago Akagi (Drama) Episode 10 Akagi (Drama) Untitled Episode 10
  • 10 days ago Ghostwriter Episode 8 Ghostwriter Untitled Episode 8
  • 10 days ago Death Note (Drama) Episode 11 Death Note (Drama) Untitled Episode 11
  • 12 days ago Ultraman X Episode 9 Ultraman X We Are Nebula! Episode 9
  • 14 days ago Detective vs Detectives Episode 10 Detective vs Detectives Untitled Episode 10
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