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Ace of the Diamond

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  • One of the best sport anime of all time !
    I have to say that since a few years, sports anime have been growing up and for the best. It really pictures out the life of high level baseball and is amazing for it's accuracy. As a baseball player myself, I find that it really gives me motivation to train and play after watching an episode. Would recommend to any baseball player that watch anime.
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  • Fun light entertainment, but little spread a bit thin.
    Fun light entertainment to watch when stuck at home with a cold, but with so many episodes available to watch back to back on Crunchy Roll its clear this could be edited down a lot into something more impactful. Plenty of repeated scenes (e.g. original advert breaks) and overuse of basic effects for demonstrating character emotion like resolve or smouldering anger (look its the blue/red flame ...
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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    Favorite Sports Anime
    Great characters and great story makes this a great show. I love the enthusiasm of the main character Eijun Sawamura. I love his relation ship with his team mates and his rivalry with Furuya. It's never been a petty rivalry where the would do things to make the other look bad but instead drive each other to become better. Seeing this team climb the ranks has been more enjoyable than teams like ...
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  • how can you not be romantic about anime baseball.
    This series combines everything thats great about sports anime and everything thats great about watching baseball as a fan. It has overpowered sempais, a main character with a specific skill, and winning through teamwork/friendship. It is very accurate and technical to actual baseball. I can't speak to how well it explains the sport to a layperson, but as a fan it has the same drama of watching ...
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  • they ruined it for me
    this show had potential... i really want to liek it.. but the writers have over done it for me. sure we all like the story of the underdog growing into something great... but he started pretty good...and the writers ground him to crap.... its been too long into this for him to recover IMO. even if they wait for the last moment for hime to shine... thier pace is waaay off... theres plenty of ...
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  • 3 out of 5 people found this review helpful:
    Had Promise but now doesn't feel good
    The anime starts off great, with good development of the MC as an underdog. But now they have buried the MC for so long that he will never be the star of the anime again. One of the most frustrating animes to watch. USELESS TO HAVE A CRAP MAIN CHARACATER
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  • 5 out of 9 people found this review helpful:
    Had so much potential but the writers are intentionally making MC so pathetic.
    What the hell have the writers done to Sawamura?
    He is a shell of whatever pitcher/Man he used to be.
    He has gone from being (arguably) the main character to becoming one of the biggest side characters in Anime - earning himself a position next to Krillin and Yamcha from DBZ.
    If the writers were hoping to take Sawamura through some sort of rough patch in order to make it twice as epic when ...
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  • It is worth watching
    I don't watch sports anime too often, one because they tend to drag things on forever, two because everything seems so cliché... but with this show there are realistic expectations of every player a coach who is wicked at his job and believes in his players, and a great support system going. It is sad to know he's quitting on his team but that can't be helped it is how harsh the world is if you ...
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  • I just can't but love it <3
    I can't write big paragraph but i'll tell you why I love this show. I love how the main character, Eijun, is trying his hardest to become the ace of the baseball team. The anime shows friendship, determination, how they deal with when they lose a match. Ugh, I just really love how this story is portrayed and how the pace it's going because it feels like I'm watching the whole team (and the others ...
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  • 6 out of 11 people found this review helpful:
    Arguable most boring
    Literally, from a perspective of someone who enjoys any sports anime such as Giant Killing, Eyeshield 21, Area no Kishi, Prince of Tennis, Free!, Kuroko no Basket, and many others. This anime is honestly deadly boring. The plot is super repetitive, and it's gets annoying. It's not even repetitive plot with progress, but it's stuck. It's basically the dude gets hype, and mess up one pitch, he is ...
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