Advertising Sizes and Placements

Our minimum campaign level is $5000. If you haven't already done so, please check out our Advertising Overview and Advertising Guidelines. Contact for a media kit and more details.

1. In-stream Video Advertisements

Your 30-second video ad will appear before, after and during commercial breaks when users watch our shows. Since our shows are also broadcast on TV, we are able to show commercials at the traditional, intended breakpoints. Placement is available on our network of video streaming websites, iPhone and Android smartphones, and the iPad.
Your video commercials can be shown on:
  • Website In-stream Video

    Actual screenshot of an AT&T video ad (with 300x250 Medium Rectangle) running on
    • In-stream Video
    • In-stream Video w/ Medium Rectangle
    • In-stream Video w/ Medium Rectangle and Leaderboard
  • Branded Slate

    The Branded Slate is an in-stream trailer introducing viewers to your brand. It plays before our content videos and incorporates your logo and a brief voiceover. It is suitable if you do not have video ads readily available, but want your message integrated with our viewing experience.
    Actual screenshot of a Branded Slate for The Sims 3 running on
  • iPhone and Android

    Actual screenshot of an Olay video ad running in our Crunchyroll iPhone App.
  • iPad

    Actual screenshot of a Metamucil video ad running in our Crunchyroll iPad App.
  • Video Ad Specs

  • Recommended video length: 15 seconds
  • Maximum video length: 30 seconds
  • Resolution: The highest quality will allow us to encode the video to our specifications. Our content is shown in Standard-Definition, 480P, 720P and 1080p High-Definition.
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 preferred. If the video is not 16:9, it may be letterboxed, i.e. black bars may fill remainder of the screen
  • Units: Preroll, Midroll, and/or Postroll
  • Clicks: For our website, your video ad can also be clicked to a link of your choice. On iPhone, iPad, and Android, the video ad can be touched to open a link.
  • Companions: You can complement your video with a 300x250 banner to the right of the video.
  • Supported Formats: .MOV, .AVI, .MP4, .MKV, .WMV

2. Display Advertisements (Banner)

Display ad units are static images or rich-media creatives that run on our webpages, email newsletters, iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones. We provide 4 types of units: the Homepage Sponsorship, traditional IAB banner units, the Interstitial, and the Email Newsletter Sponsorship.
  • Homepage Sponsorship

    The Homepage Sponsorship is an immersive, custom unit on the homepage of The masthead can be rich-media and include videos.

    Actual screenshot of the Homepage Sponsorship with Expandable Video for Square Enix's Mindjack video game.
    • Homepage Sponsorship
      Masthead + Sidebars
    • Homepage Sponsorship w/ Medium Rectangle
      Masthead + Sidebars + 300x250
    • Homepage Sponsorship w/ Expandable Masthead
      Expandable Masthead + Sidebars
    • Homepage Sponsorship Specs

    • Download the template file (103KB zip)
    • Masthead Size: 960x160 or 960x250. Rich-media and embedded videos are allowed. Expandable up to 960x500 when clicked.
    • Masthead Format: .JPG, .PNG, .GIF, .PSD, .SWF (Flash rich-media), 100KB max
    • Sidebars Size (optional): 2000x1000. One image spans across and behind the page content.
    • Sidebars Format: .JPG, .PNG, .GIF, .PSD, no rich-media, 400KB max
    • Clicks: The masthead and side bars can be linked to a webpage of your choice.
    • Companions: You can complement your video with a traditional 300x250 below the masthead (extra surcharge).
  • Traditional Banner Units

    These banner units run across our network of websites, mobile devices, and email newsletters. We support IAB Standard units and custom 960-pixel wide mastheads. Flash rich-media is supported, and can be combined as companions in tandem with other units (including in-stream videos).
    • Masthead or Leadboard w/ Medium Rectangle
    • Expandable Masthead
      Rich-media Flash, non-IAB
    • Masthead
      960x160 or 960x250, non-IAB
    • Leaderboard
    • Medium Rectangle
    • Leaderboard w/ Medium Rectangle
      Roadblock 728x90 + 300x250
  • The Branded Video Player

    The Branded Video Player gives your ad long-lasting exposure. Your ad creates a "chrome" or "frame" around our videos, immersing your brand into the viewing experience. Since our videos are full episodes, our viewers will see your brand for over 20 minutes.
    Actual Branded Video Player for Sega's Super Monkey Ball, 630x460.
  • The Interstitial

    The Interstitial is a full page, high impact unit. Your ad is front and center, with no other content on the page. When people visit, they will first see your Interstitial.
    Interstitial for Square Enix's Mindjack video game, 750x550.
  • Email Newsletter Sponsorship (The Crunchyroll Takeout)

    Every two weeks, we send an email newsletter called The Crunchyroll Takeout to over two million opt-in Crunchyroll members. We have an in-house editorial staff, as well as individual guest contributors. Newsletters feature articles, review new episodes for popular shows, and report on the latest news.
    The Crunchyroll Takeout. Sample email newsletter screenshot with Iron Man 2 theatrical.

3. Targeting

Your banners and video ads can be targeted to your ideal users based on various criteria. Frequency caps are also available. Please inquire for more information.

4. Tracking and Ad Serving Technology

We use DoubleClick's DART For Publishers to manage most of our ad units. We can provide you with access to DART reporting if needed.
We support the following vendors:
  • DoubleClick
    DART and Motif
  • Microsoft Advertising
    (formerly Atlas)
  • MediaMind
    (formerly Eyeblaster)
  • Interpolls
  • Pointroll
Through these vendors, you can track your performance by:
  • 1x1 Tracking Pixels
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Daily Visits
  • Custom Counters
  • Transactions
  • Items Purchased
We are also part of the MTV Tribes, a network of websites hand-picked for their high quality content.

5. Contact Us

Like what you see? Contact us at for a media kit and rate cards.

Also, please check out our Advertising Guidelines.