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Air City

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  • A good all round show
    One of favorites, second watch, after a year. This had a little of everything, action, humor, romance"but not the heavy drama kind". It's a what you never see at the airport show. The acting was good for the most part, the camera work was also well done. This is a show for just about anyone. They could of done 4 more episodes and tied everything together. do not know what the ratings were in ...
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  • Great fun at the airport!
    I loved this series, probably because I am frequently at airports (I have been at Inchon), but I had never understood how complicated they are. Beyond what I learned, each episode was very engaging and with many funny moments. The main characters are very well drawn, so I am very sorry that the series has ended, as if I had lost many friends. Great camera work! Highly recommended!
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  • It is an appropriate title because the airport is always bustling with things going on.
    The storyline was filled with almost everything: romance, suspense, drama, and action. In between all the action and drama, there were little comedic scenes so you were not always caught up with their "problems" in the drama. This drama is unpredictable and enjoyable.
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