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Hi. My name is Mikikazu Komatsu.  I am a Japanese, not pretending.


I was born in Kochi, Japan. I had spent some time in Osaka, the second biggest city in Japan, to study English and making films at Kansai Gaidai university and Visual Arts college Osaka.  Now, I’m living in my home-town again.


Since the early 2000, I have been researching how foreign people (you!)  love, enjoy, and dedicate themselves to anime, manga, and other J-POP culture on my blog Ultimo Spalpeen  (only in Japanese so far).  Since I understand how much you love this kind of stuff, I will do my best to provide the news you want to know from Japan. Request is always welcome.


My current favorite anime are the Pretty Cure series. The newest TV series is Suite Pretty Cure. I know it's a typical magical girl show for Japanese pre-teen girls, but it has a great appeal to anyone, including adult anime fan. Believe me. The first series Pretty Cure (Futari wa PreCure) is available on Crunchyroll. Logically, one of my favorite manga artist is Futago Kamikita, who have (they are twin sisters) been drawing all of the Pretty Cure comics since 2005. You can read their interview here. It's all in Japanese, but you can still see some of their Pretty Cure works. 


I am also interested in Yuri-related anime, manga, and light novels. I have helped ALC Publishing, the world's only all-Yuri publisher in the U.S. and the president Erica Friedman personally for some years. I have to confess that I am watching the Pretty Cure series mostly through the Yuri-perspective...


Contact: [email protected]



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