Sengoku BASARA's Chosokabe Festival in Kochi

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Chosokabe Motochika was a daimyo in Sengoku period (from the end of the 15th century to the end of the 16th century) of Japanese history.  But today many young Japanese have known about him as a main character of popular game/anime franchise Sengoku BASARA


Helping by the popularity of the franchise, Chosokabe Fes, an event aimed at making a nationwide appeal of the character, has been held since last year.  This year's event was held at Kochi Prefectural Museum of History  in Okoyama, Kochi, on May 21.  The place is also where Oko Castle, the residential castle of Chosokabe, was located.  For that historical reason, it is the suitable place to hold the event for him.  According to a local newspaper, more than 2,500 people had gathered by the noon. 


Ryuzo Ishino, the voice actor of Chosokabe in the Sengoku BASARA game and anime was the special guest this year. The waiting line for his talk show and the screening of the 13th episode of Sengoku BASARA anime was surprisingly long. Many fans (all female) were unable to get the ticket.


There were also a Cosplay contest. The theme of the cosplay was "Sengoku (Warring States)". But most of the cosplayers dressed up as the characters of Sengoku BASARA, of course.


Here's some photos of the event.  The cosplay photos were taken and uploaded with the permission from the cosplayers.  Thanks!


Voice actor Ryuzo Ishino on the stage



The line for Ryuzo Ishino's talk show


Cosplay Contest










Cosplay photo session outside





+Sakurayuki+ - Historical characters and events theme song duo

[+Sakurayuki+ official site]




Sengoku BASARA themed sake



Sengoku BASARA themed yohkan (jellied dessert made of red bean paste)


Various Sengoku themed shops




Another Sengoku themed...wait, US Air Force?


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