CRN Interview: Junko Mizuno!

Manga artist and illustrator on her plans for San Diego Comic Con

Born in Japan in 1973, Junko Mizuno is an artist with a style and sensibility that defies description. Since making her professional debut in 1996, she's worked in manga, illustration, painting, has designed toys, sculptures, and has been involved in multiple group gallery shows. Now a resident of San Francisco, CA, Junko took a break from planning her appearance at this week's San Diego Comic Con to answer a few CrunchyNews questions…



CRN: San Diego Comic Con is just around the corner. What are you looking forward to there? What do you like to do at SDCC when you have free time?


Junko Mizuno: I'm really looking forward to seeing the Hi Fructose wood print I designed in person. It's my first time doing a wood print so I'm excited! In my free time I'll be meeting my friends and may be playing the Comic Con Bingo game made by Last Gasp.


From Pure Trance (published by Last Gasp)


So what are you working now? What new projects are occupying your time?


I'm working on a new T-shirt and prints for my next art show at Gallery Nucleus. I'm showing original pages of my old graphic novel Cinderalla.


You recently came back from a trip to Japan. How was it over there?

It was intensely hot and humid!! I had to give up some plans because of the heat...


How has moving to San Francisco changed your life? Do you think it has changed your art and storytelling at all? 


Yes, it has changed me a lot! It made me more productive and focused. I got into doing new stuff such as gig posters. I don't know why but I feel much freer here and my art style is getting crazier and crazier which is fun!



3 concert posters by Junko Mizuno, 2010 


What is a typical work day like for you?

Wake up around 10am, have breakfast, work for about two hours and do some house work, work, emails, cook & eat, work...(repeat) until around 2 or 3 am. And I keep talking to myself while doing all of these.


What’s inspiring you these days? Any films, books, or music you can mention?

I got this record in Japan and keep listening to it lately.


Finally, what’s the best and worst thing you ate recently?

Best: the pork & shrimp wonton ramen I had at my favorite place in Japan

Worst: the meal on the flight.

Paintings from "Zombies in Love" gallery show
Junko Mizuno at Comic Con:

Signing at Hi-Fructose booth (#4939)
Signing the Comic Con exclusive wood print 
(limited edition of 50). 
FRI (22) 1pm-3pm
SAT (23) 5pm-6pm

Signing at Gallery Nucleus booth (#2235)
THU (21) 2pm-4pm
FRI (22) 10am-12pm
SAT (23) 2pm-4pm

Junko Mizuno homepage

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