Bonus Round: Creators of The New Speed Racer Comic

Creators Discuss Speed Racer and Robotech Live-Action News


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Run Time:
Sean Russell
Special Guests:
Tommy Yune & Lee Kohse


Opening: Mach A Go Go (Japanese Opening)
Closing: Go Speed Racer (American Opening)

[00:00:00] Introductions

  • Tommy Yune is creative director at Harmony Gold USA and is primarily known for his work on Robotech.
  • Wrote the 1990s Speed Racer comic for Wildstorm/DC.
  • Worked with Jo Chen on the Racer X mini-series.
  • In 2001, Tommy worked on Speed Racer Circle of Vengeance for Wildstorm.
  • Began working with Robotech after his stint with Speed Racer.
  • Had the good fortune of meeting with Ippei Kuri, who is the animation director of Speed Racer.
  • Lee Kohse Co-founded Bloodfire Studios and worked for IDW and Marvel
  • Created the Kindergoth web comic and licensing art for Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Aliens Vs Predator and Shrek
  • Bloodfire became a subsidiary of Allegory Media making Lee Kohse a creative director for the company

[00:08:18] Comic Book Expectations

  • References the manga, anime and Tommy Yune's comic book
  • Going deeper into the characters, exploring some of their back stories
  • Robby Muso is an artist on the series that worked on Transformers and Speed Racer at IDW
  • James Rochelle is the colorist and Len Wein is an editor on the series

[00:20:24] News Outside of Speed Racer

  • Big announcements at Comic Con. News about Warner Brothers acquiring the movie rights and a new direct to DVD feature
  • Allegory will launch a few mini-series to test the waters for longer series
  • Follow Allegory Media on Twitter
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