FEATURE: National High School Manga Championship of Japan DAY ONE

35 manga clubs fight for the championship

The 20th Manga Koshien, National High School Manga Championship of Japan, started today, August 6 at Cul-Port in Kochi-city, Kochi. The two day event is an annual nationwide high school manga tournament. Any manga, comic, and anime club in Japanese high school can participate in the tournament.  


The 35 clubs (3-5 members each) from all over Japan fought the qualifying on the first day. Only 20 clubs are able to fight at the final on Sunday. The teams have to draw an original manga with a given-theme in a limited time each day. The first day's theme was "The strongest power generator" and the given time was five hour and a half. Power saving is the most important issue in Japanese

daily life after Fukushima I nuclear accidents on March 11. They had to create the strongest power

generator with a manga-way.


Cul-Port, the multipurpose hall where Manga Koshien is held


Opening ceremony



The three most popular manga artists in the judges. From the left:

Kazuhiko Shimamoto (Hono no Tenkousei, Moeyo Pen, Chokyu! Mobile Fighter G Gundam)

Mitsuru Adachi (Touch, Rough, H2, Cross Game)

Tetsuya Chiba (Ashita no Joe)


A video message from voice actor Daisuke Ono (Itsuki Koizumi in the Haruhi Suzumiya series).

He was born in Kochi in 1978.



The manga battle begins!















Digital manga tools are also permitted.







Some of the finalists' works





Some graffiti on the walls










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