J-Pop Summit Festival 2011: Lolita Fashion Contest Photo Gallery

More circus-themed ensembles than you can shake a BABY, The Stars Shine Bright shopping bag at

Yesterday at the J-Pop Summit Festival 2011 in San Francisco's Japantown, fans of Victorian-inspired Lolita fashion gathered to show off their BABY, The Stars Shine Bright collections in the brand's fashion contest. 



The rules were strict. First, work with the theme—an over-the-top circus, and second, make sure to wear primarily BABY, The Stars Shine Bright or Alice and the Pirates (a pirate-goth subline of BABY) brand clothing. Candidates were judged not only on their adherence, but on their creativity. Given the array of magicians, animal tamers, tight-rope walkers, clowns, cotton candy, et. al. who strutted their stuff, I'm sure the judges had a hard time choosing the winners. That said, since the judges were one of the shopkeepers from the NEW PEOPLE based BABY store and Amy Dean from Crown & Crumpet, an English tea room in San Francisco perfect for visiting in full Lolita dress, it's hard to imagine their expertise being questioned. Prizes included, for the top of the pack, a coordinated ensemble of BABY apparel. 


But enough chatter, there are Lolitas to see, and they are sparkly. Sorry for the wildly varying quality of pictures. Photographer Adam Safran was on-hand, but unfortunately, so was I. You can probably tell which is which:




























2nd place.


1st place.





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