J-Pop Summit Festival 2011: Day 1 Wrap

Calligraphy, cosplay, and more!

Saturday started off cold and foggy, but given the Day-Glo sunburn I am currently sporting (to my eternal shame), I think we can say that the weather ended up cooperating and everyone had a good time. 


One of the first events we caught was a live calligraphy demonstration by Aoi Yamaguchi. She began studying calligraphy when she was six years old, and was classically trained, but has developed her own style.



It's too bad they didn't have a way to project a video of her writing, because that is what everyone wanted to see. The stage was completely swarmed by photographers and other onlookers. Assistants tried their best to keep the paper lying flat despite the wind.



She explained afterwards that she wrote "ten chi sou zou," which means "genesis." She made the dedication to, "...my home country, Japan. Humans and Earth, we are all one. We coexist and support each other, so I just wanted to appreciate the fact that we are all alive here, happy and healthy. We just have to take a moment, step back, and remember that we all came here from this Father Earth…"


During a brief lull in the programming, MC Foxxee invited some enthusiastic girls up on the stage to dance:




Later, members of the fortune telling group Not For Sale came up on stage to explain Foxxee's palm lines. The group was telling fortunes all weekend on an appointment basis—ten dollars, ten minutes:



The rest of the pix we have from Saturday were taken by our photographer pal Adam Safran just to show what kind of cool outfits people were wearing and what the atmosphere was like. Enjoy!














We've got some more detailed info on a couple of Saturday's larger events coming later this week, so keep an eye out!

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