FEATURE: YuruYuri Exhibition at Tokyo Anime Center

Surprise smash hit of 2011 summer anime

Tokyo Anime Center in the Akihabara UDX building, a facility created to promote Japanese anime, has been holding an exhibition featuring two of the most popular 2011 summer anime, YuruYuri and Steins;Gate since September 6. It has become a must-go place for both Japanese and foreign otaku who visit the Akihabara town. In this article, I introduce the YuruYuri section of the exhibition. The Steins;Gate section will be up later.


Both YuruYuri and Steins;Gate have been simulcasted by Crunchyroll (where you are now!)


Akihabara UDX building. The giant video monitor playing a PV of "Love Live! School Idol Project".


Tokyo Anime Center is on the fourth floor of the building.


The entrance door


The inside (YuruYuri section)


YuruYuri poster with the anime voice actresses' autographs


The life size cardboard stand-ups


The monitor was playing "Yuriyurarararayuruyuri Daijiken" (YuruYuri OP song) over and over again.


The autographs and scripts



Hand-drawing key animations








Various character posters




Of course they were selling the YuruYuri manga!


The Steins;Gate section coming next!



Also, the Toranoana (doujinshi shop) Akihabara store displayed the life size cardboard stand-ups

of the other YuruYuri characters with the VA's autographs.




 © Namori/Icghijinsha/Namori Chu Gorakubu 

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