FEATURE: Evangelion Themed Karaoke Room in Akihabara

Most popular and also most expensive Karaoke room

Karaoke Pasela, one of the biggest karaoke box store chain in Japan, has opened a new official concept room featuring the popular anime series Evangelion at their Akihabara Showa-Douri Kan store in Akihabara. The door, ceiling, wall, table, all of the interior of the room are decorated with the Eva-themed stuff.


They also have more concept rooms featuring Sengoku BASARA, Cyborg 009, and Monster Hunter. But obviously, the Eva room is the most popular (and expensive) one. The charge is 250 yen more expensive than other regular rooms (480 yen for 30 minutes). I was fortunate to reserve the room, and took some photos for the Crunchyroll News readers.


Rei Ayanami on the door (from the inside)



"Emergency only", so I didn't try opening it.


Karaoke monitor


EVA's face


NERV's logo


Other side of the wall



Test plugs



Eva figure collection inside No.00 and 02 plugs





Eva Champagne bottles in No.01 plug. 


The Lance of Longinus is embedded in the table.





And finally, what you can find on the ceiling is...


© khara

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