FEATURE: Upcoming Doujinshi Event Flyers Collection: Part 1 (TIGER&BUNNY)

Buddy heroes keep attracting the fans in Japan every month

An all-genre doujinshi event called "Odekake Live in Kochi 57" was held at Culture Plaza CUL-PORT in Kochi-city today. It was a very small local event (only 250 circles and 700-800 attendees), but still I could find a ton of flyers of the upcoming doujinshi events in Japan.


TIGER & BUNNY was no doubt one of the surprise hit of 2011 anime. The last episode of the show was broadcasted this week in Japan, but many events are still scheduled to be held in many cities. Studio YOU have been managing TIGER & BUNNY only event series in various places in Japan. These are the flyers of the events in the near future. There's more coming indeed!


"Boku no Hero 2" at Tokyo Big Sight (October 30, 2011)


"Boku no Hero: Osaka de Akusyu!" at Intex Osaka (November  27, 2011)


"Boku no Hero: Nagoya de Akusyu!" at Port Messe Nagoya (December 18, 2011)


 "Ore no Usa-chan" at Tokyo Ryutsu Center (January 15, 2012)


"Boku no Hero: Sendai de Akusyu!" at Aeru in Sendai-city (January 29, 2012)


"Boku no Hero; Nagoya de Akusyu! 2" at Port Messe Nagoya (February 19, 2012)


"Boku no Hero 2: Sapporo de Akusyu! 2" at Sapporo Teisen hall (February 19, 2012)


"Boku no Hero: Oska de Akusyu! 2" at Intex Osaka (February 26, 2012)


"Boku no Hero 3" at Tokyo Big Sight  (March 20, 2012)


"Boku no Hero: Kanazawa de Aksyu!" at Kanazawa Kinrosya Plaza (April 1, 2012)




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