FEATURE: Upcoming Doujinshi Event Flyers Collection: Part 2 (SHONEN JUMP)

ONE PIECE, TORIKO, Bleach, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and more!

Following Part 1 (TIGER&BUNNY), Part 2 introduce the flyers of the upcoming doujinshi events which feature the SHONEN JUMP manga series. The weekly SHONEN JUMP is still one of the best-selling manga magazine in Japan and printing 3.000.000 copies every week. Thus, tremendous amount of their popular manga's doujinshi have been drawn since the early days of the fandom in 1980's. 


"Ao no Seiiki in Nagoya" at Port Messe Nagoya (Blue Exorcist - October 30, 2011)


"Sekai Bisyoku Hakken!2" at Tokyo Ryutsu Center (TORIKO - November 13, 2011)


"Tenpa to Megane Part 3" at Tokyo Ryutsu Center  (Gintama - November 13, 2011)


"Daienkai! 2" at Tokyo Ryutsu Center (ONE PIECE - November 23, 2011)


"Golden Blood 7" at Tokyo Ryutsu Center (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - January 22, 2012)


"Duel Carnival" at Yokohama Saneki Hall (Yu-Gi-Oh! - February 12, 2012)


"Osore no Kiwami 3" at Tokyo Sangyo Boeki Center (Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan - February 19, 2012)


"ZAN in Fukuoka" at Nishishin Palace Hall  (Bleach - March 25, 2012)


"Hatenko Ouji 8" at Tokyo Ryutsu Center (The Prince of Tennis - April 15, 2012)


"Paradise Ginga VIII" at Tokyo Ryutsu Center (Saint Seiya - June 24, 2012)


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