FEATURE: 2011 Fall Season TV Anime OP&ED Songs PV Collection: Part 1

From Squid Girl 2, Shakugan no Shana 3, Tamayura, and more!

The 2011 Fall Season is coming! Some promotional videos of the OP&ED songs for those new TV anime have already been posted in the net, and have become popular topics among the fans. Most artists are already well-known in the anime community. Check the videos (some videos are short-version) and raise your expectations for the new series!



"HIGH POWERED" (15 seconds CM)  Sphere

(OP song for Squid Girl: The Second Season)

*Squid Girl: The Second Season has been simulcasted by Crunchyroll!


"I'll believe"  ALTIMA (m.o.v.e's motsu、fripSide's sat, Maon Kurosaki)

(ED song for Shakugan no Shana Ⅲ -FINAL-)


"Kamisama no Itazura"  Megumi Nakajima

(ED song for Tamayura~hitotose~)


"TERMINATED"   Minori Chihara

(OP song for Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere)

"Buddy"  Maaya Sakamoto

(OP song for Last Exile -Fam, The Silver Wing)


"Okaerinasai"  Maaya Sakamoto

(OP song for Tamayura~hitotose~)


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