FEATURE: Manga Workshop "MEGA! MANKEN 2011 Fall" Report

Where the kids can learn how to draw manga and more things

Nowadays manga workshop for young amateur artists are pretty popular events all over the world. Of course Japan, the birthplace of manga, is no exception. "MEGA! MANKEN 2011 Fall", a manga workshop for ages 12-18 (middle and high-school students), has been held at Kochi City Culture Plaza Cul-Port on October 1-2. They instruct youths how to draw manga at each person's level and demand, the basic to the more advanced level. "MANKEN" is a short for "Manga Kenkyukai" (Manga Research Society/Manga Club).


The flyer


The event is organized by MANSAI: Kochi Manga Festival 2011 executive committee. This is the second workshop activity following the successful first one in April this year. The experienced volunteer artists in the region teach the kids how to draw manga characters, backgrounds, and effects. The kids can also learn how to make a good story for manga and even how to manage a serious manga drawing club in school.


The reason why they started this event is the fact these days less and less young Japanese are interested in drawing manga, at least with analog tools (pen and paper), according to the event organizer. The orders of printing doujinshi to the printers have been decreasing. We see more cosplayers than doujinshi circles even at the doujinshi events. Probably the young artists today more prefer to draw manga with digital tools and post it on community sites in the net, such as Pixiv. They don't need to print paper doujinshi anymore? But the organizer strongly believes that using analog tools is still very essential part of drawing. They want to provide the kids a "real" place to communicate with other artists and learn many things from them.


*all the photos were taken with the permission by the event organizer and the participants. I deeply appreciate their generous understanding and cooperation for the Crunchyroll News site.



The top of their text papers

"How to draw the characters"


"How to draw the backgrounds"

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