FEATURE: Anime Festival Machi Asobi Vol. 7 Report Part 1: Cosplay Fashion Show

Cosplay models catwalk on the red carpet!

"Machi Asobi" is the biggest anime/manga/game event in the western Japan. In Japanese, "Machi" literally means town, city, or street, and "Asobi" means playing, game, or amusement. It has been held three times in a year (January, May, October) in Tokushima-city, the capital of Tokushima Prefecture on Shikoku island, since October 2009. The Tokushima studio of ufotable (Fate/ZERO, Kara no Kyoukai - the Garden of sinners) has produced the event to boost the development of the local community in cooperation with the city.


The event features screening of the newest and classic anime movies, live concerts by anime singers, talk show by anime voice actors/actresses, cosplay sessions, industry panels, exhibition rooms, and such. Probably it is just like anime convention in the US, but much bigger and longer. The whole Tokushima-city celebrate the anime/manga/game culture during the event.  


I had an opportunity to attend the final day of the seventh event, which had been held from September

23 to October 10. One of the main events of the day was Cosplay Fashion Show. The cosplayers can enjoy

catwalk on the over 100m long red carpet through the Higashi Shinmachi shopping arcade in Tokushima-city.

Can you find your favorite character's cosplay?


The Higashi Shinmachi shopping arcade


The 100m long red carpet for the cosplayers


Let's the show begin!

There was also a small stage on the end of the red carpet for photo shooting

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