FEATURE: Manga・Manga・Manga Exhibition! 2011

By two major manga artist group in the region

"Manga・Manga・Manga Exhibition! 2011" has started at Yokoyama Memorial Manga Museum in Kochi-city since yesterday. It is the 10th original arts exhibition by the two major manga artist groups in the city, "Kochi Manga Shudan (Kochi Manga Group)" and "Kuijira no Kai (The Whale Club)". Probably their works are a little different from typical manga style, but still very unique and original.


Yokoyama Memorial Manga Museum opened on April 7, 2002, in memory of Ryuichi Yokoyama (1909-2001), a Kochi-born artist who became the first Japanese cartoonist to be recognized as a Person of Cultural Merit. His most famous work is four-panels manga Fuku-chan. They have the biggest manga library (over 15,000 books) in the Shikoku island and hold a variety of manga-related events through a whole year.


By courtesy of the museum's curator, Nanami Okuda, I was allowed to take some photos of their

works at the exhibition. Which one is your favorite? If you have any comments or opinions, I can send

it to the artists via the museum. Please join!


The exhibition hall


(KMS=Kochi Manga Shudan  KNK=Kujira no Kai)


"Pet-Jyu to Issyo"  (With my pet monster - Masami Hashimura KNK)


"Chotto Mattene!"  (Just a moment! - by Yoshihiro Morisawa KMS)


"Yukaina Animal Jug Band" (Cheeful Animal Jug Band - by Kume Hiroo KMS)


"Bustei" (Bus Stop - by Kazuo Sugimoto KNK)


"Issho ni Narou" (Be together - by Masafusa Kondo KNK)


"Fuku"  (Fortune - by Yamaha Shimizu KNK)


"Usagi-san" (Dear Rabbit - by Chisato KMS)


"Osekkai Gan"  (Interfering stone - by Atsushi Okamoto KMS)


"Canal 3: Venice, Italy" (by Yoshihiro Iwakami KNK)


"Hoshi Meguri-Hoheikyu" (Star Tours-Aquarius - by Misako Yamakita KMS)


"Kinouro no Kannon-sama" (Kannon on the hollow tree - by Funamushi KNK)


"Feronia"  (by Waka Mizuki KNK)


"Amor" (by Waka Mizuki KNK)

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