FEATURE: Truly Horrible Japanese Halloween Costumes

Meet Bird Boy, Tough Man, and the NYPD

As anyone who has ever seen a statue of Col. Sanders dressed as Santa Claus outside of a KFC can tell you, Japan does holidays a little differently from the rest of the world. And while we concern ourselves with jack-o-lanterns, spooky skeletons, and hook nosed witches, Japan has ideas of its own about what kinds of costumes best suit “the season of scaring.” For example:



Is there any reason not to slam the door in someone's face if they show up demanding candy in a grey T-shirt wearing a Simple Manteau? No way, dude. You can't fool us. "Simple Manteau" is just a fancy way of saying "cheap cape".



If there’s one thing you want your kids to develop an interest in early, it's booze. Wine, to be specific. So let’s all raise a glass to parents who will force their children to wear the “sommelier or wine steward costume this year. 



This one is a little too realistic for us. Still, shouldn’t a Tough Man be doing the stabbing instead of getting stabbed? 



The Rumpkin Set! Ask for it by name! Don’t be surprised if no one knows what the heck you are talking about. Just say, "rumpkin!" over and over again until people get bored and leave. 



Maids and maid cafes can be nerve jangling enough without a five-o-clock shadow figuring into the equation. 



Running around in the Mummy Man costume means never having to run out of toilet paper...



Centuries from now, people will still be trying to figure out what exactly the Bird Boy is. Is it supposed to be Zorro? A pint-sized vampire? What’s he doing in front of Tokyo Tower? Is that a white kid under the mask, or just a clever disguise? 



These aren’t just any police… these are New York Police! You can tell because that’s what the NYPD does: arrests guys for wearing female nurse T-shirts...


Note: All these pics were found under the category of "Halloween Costumes" on assorted Japanese e-commerce sites.

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