FEATURE: TIGER & BUNNY Exhibition at Tokyo Anime Center

Figures, toys, Barnaby&Kotetsu's clothes, and more!

Tokyo Anime Center in Akihabara, a facility created to promote Japanese anime, has been holding many exhibitions for the latest and popular anime titles. We have reported the Yuruyuri and Steins;Gate exhibitions in September. In this month, they feature Sunrise's successful hero action series TIGER & BUNNY. Enjoy the photo tour!


The entrance





Blu-ray cover arts


SH FiguArts series


Deform Meister Petit series


COSPA's Graphig papercraft series


DVD and Blu-ray


Barnaby's rider jacket


Kotetsu's hunting cap


OBC's press conference room

Barnaby's room

The photo on the table

Merchandising corner

Various displays

© Tokyo Anime Center


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