FEATURE: Utena, King of RPGs and Scott Freeman on A3K Radio

Revolutionary Girl Utena, King of RPGs and Voice Actor Scott Freeman

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This week on A3K Radio, we invite Alison Roberts from Right Stuf and Nozomi Entertainment to discuss Revolutionary Girl Utena, the creators of King of RPGs share what went into the creation of their graphic novel and voice actor Scott Freeman shares how he broke into the industry.

Time: 00:18:35
Host: Sean Russell
Guest(s): Alison Roberts, Victor Hao, Jason Thompson, Scott Freeman

[00:00:00 - 00:06:04] Revolutionary Girl Utena Apocalypse Saga
Alison Roberts joins us to discuss the future and final release of Revolutionary Girl Utena. In this conversation, Alison shares her personal thoughts on the franchise as well as gives us more detail about some of the special bonuses fans can find when they pick up this title. In addition to being a fan of Utena, Alison Roberts is also the Director of Marketing & Communications at Right Stuf/ Nozomi Entertainment.

[00:06:04 - 00:06:48] Mobile Applications and the A3K Network
You can download our iPhone or Android application to get the A3K Network on the go. Owners of the application will get our podcasts before they are posted on the site.

[00:06:48 - 00:13:15] Creators of King of Rpgs
Jason Thompson and Victor Hao discuss what went behind the creation of the second volume of King of Rpgs. This is a title released by Del Rey Manga. 

[00:13:15 - 00:16:07] Voice Actor Scott Freeman
We interviewed Scott Freeman at Otakon 2011 and pulled a clip where he explains how he became a voice actor. The full interview will be up in a few weeks on the A3K Network. It was recently announced that Scott Freeman will play the voice of Takashi Kosuda in B Gata H Kei Yamada’s First Time.

[00:16:07 - 00:18:35] Closing
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