FEATURE: Manga/Anime Featured Pachinko Flyer Collection

Evangelion, Macross Frontier, My-HiME, RahXephon, and more!

Monday is a big day for pachinko fans in Japan. Because new machines usually appear at the pachinko parlors on the day. A ton of the flyers to promote the machines are delivered with the morning paper. As you may know, manga/anime titles are the biggest trend in the pachinko industry recently. We can see new manga/anime featured pachinko/slot machines almost every week. Here's some samples from the latest flyers.


The Japanese law prohibits minors from playing pachinko and entering inside the pachinko parlors. However, most of the characters you can see below are under 20, some are even wearing school uniforms!




"Macross Frontier" & "Ranma 1/2"


"Macross Frontier" & "My-HiME"




"Galaxy Express 999"




"Hell Girl"

"Fist Of the North Star"

"Fist of the Blue Sky" (Fist of the North Star spinoff)


"Samurai 7"


"Rokudenashi Blues" (manga by Masanori Morita)



"Sukeban Deka" (live-action adaptation of Shinji Wada's manga)


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