FEATURE: Tamashii Nations 2011 Preview Night Report

A Metric Ton of New Toys and Figures from Bandai

I just got back from Preview Night at the Tamashii Nations 2011 event in Akihabara, Tokyo. My eyes have seen the glory of hundreds of upcoming new figures and toys from the merchandising powerhouse that is Bandai Japan.


There is, of course, the Tamashii Nations show room also in Akihabara, but this the Big Enchilada, a yearly event where future products for the upcoming year reveal themselves...Now, it is my destiny to bring you images from this earth-shaking event where Tiger & Bunny shares the same space as Ultraman, Godzilla, Haruhi, Gundam, One Piece, and lots more. 


The first thing you see as you enter the event space is a Wall of Fame filled with best wishes and regards from assorted big wig anime-manga people such as...


Eiichiro Oda (One Piece)


Masashi Kishimoto (Naruto)


Tite Kubo (Bleach)


Know you know that Tiger & Bunny was HUGE at the Tamashii Nation event this year. Some of the T&B highlights include a series of new figures from Bandai's S.H.Figuarts line, such as...


Wild Tiger


Barnaby Brooks Jr.


Blue Rose


8 Figures in all in the Tiger & Bunny S.H.Figuarts line.


There's even variants that glow super-goovy when you place them under a black light!


These Gokaiger figures are also part of the S.H.Figuarts line.


Cool dioramas are everywhere on the show floor, including this one for One Piece figures.


More One Piece madness, this time from the Figuarts ZERO line.


Code Geass girls given the Figuarts ZERO treatment.


Macross Frontier's Ranka and Sheryl join the Figuarts fray...


Things get super-deformed with the chibi-arts line. Here's Haruko Haruhara from FLCL.

More chibi-arts craziness, this time in the form of Tiger & Bunny's Blue Rose and co.!


One wild new idea from the Bandai boffins includes the COMPOSITE Ver.Ka line, which mashes up old favorites into new configurations like this mix of Hatsune Miku and Virtual-On.


There's also the AGP, or Armor Girls Project, which seeks to fit popular anime characters into new mecha-friendly configurations. Here's some power-suited Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya figures.



Behold: the MS Shojo, or "Mobile Suit Girl" figure!


Some of you may just want the mecha minus the moe, so here's a selection of battle 'bots from the Soul of Chogokin line.


The D-Arts figure line represents the "digital characters" such as Mega Man (AKA Rockman)


And Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury!


Another highlight of the event was an entire room dedicated to characters from the Ultraman franchise in the form of these caped ULTRA-ACT figures (original Ultraman at left, Ultra Seven at right)


The ULTRA-ACT figures have plent of foes, including Ace Killer, who comes with a collection of tiny crucified Ultramen!


Beware! Alien Baltan is on the loose!


But the showroom that really had my eyes popping out on their stalks was the S.H.MonsterArts plaza, devoted solely to GODZILLA complete with walls molded in life-sized scales!


There was a massive diorama featuring Godzilla fighting classic foes such as Mecha Godzilla (left) and Rodan (right)


Ok, I think that's all I have for the Tamashii Nation 2011 report, but please look forward to some video footage courtesy of Otaku-Verse Zero soon! I leave you with one more from Tiger and Bunny. The Japanese there translates as "Small, huh..."


UPDATED with video:



The Tamashii Nations 2011 event runs from 11/25 to 12/24 at the UDX building in Akihabara, Tokyo.

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