FEATURE: Shonen Jump Store in Tokyo Character Street

ONE PIECE, Bleach, NARUTO, Gintama, anything from Shonen Jump

Tokyo Character Street at First Avenue Tokyo Station features various character-specific stores for famous Japanese anime, manga, and other characters. The stores include Precure/Pretty cure, Studio Ghibli, Ultraman and Snoopy. In addition to TBS store (aka K-ON! store now), the most popular store is probably JUMP SHOPONE PIECEBleach, NARUTO, Gintama..., you can find the newest  Shonen Jump merchandise there. The store also kindly allowed me to take some photos of the shelves. If you love any of the Shonen Jump series, this is the must-go place for you!



Capsule toy vending machines (Gacha-pon)




Gintama goods


NARUTO goods


Bakuman goods

Bleach goods

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! goods


Dragon Ball goods




Various goods

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