FEATURE: Comic Market/Comiket 81 Promotional Videos Part 2

Hatsune Miku & Macross F cosplay, Touhou arranged song, and more!

The 81st Comic Market/Comiket, the world's largest doujinshi event will be held at Tokyo Big Sight on December 29,30,31 in 2011. Some circles have already posted their promotional videos on YouTube. Following Part 1, here's more PVs for you. If you have any chance to come to Japan this winter, please visit their booths at Comiket 81!


Cosplay PV ROM "Keep Only One Love (Hatsune Miku song)" by pleasance


Cosplay ROM "Macross F" by Yusei Haguruma


"Tadoritsuku Kimi no Douhyou" (Touhou arranged song) by Sreipnir


"The 6th Touhou M-1 Grand Prix trailer" (English sub) by Yellow-Zebra


Doujin game "Ace of Wands Trial" by JUNO SOFT

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