FEATURE: Suginami Animation Museum Photo Report Part 1

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Suginami Animatin Museum in Suginami, Tokyo, was opened in March 2005. They have various displays to introduce the history of anime/Japanese animation, the production process (including voice dubbing and digital workshop), and their own anime theater and library. The museum is run by The Association of Japanese Animation (AJA). They kindly permitted me to take some photos of the inside of the museum for the CR News readers. Enjoy the photo tour!


Suginami Animation Museum building


The front of the building is decorated with the carved reliefs of popular anime characters.


Information desk


Giant Gundam statue (about 1.5m)


Hakushon Daimaou/The Genie Family statue (1969-70)

History of anime displays

Replicas of working desks used by animators and directors

Art works of Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell

Actual cels from Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade

Digital workshop room

Voice dubbing room

Anime theater

Anime photography platform

Lifesize Protect-Gear costume at the Jin-Roh exhibition

Figures from the Kerberos saga

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