FEATURE: Manga Magazine for Future Artists "Kochi Indies Magazine"

You can learn how to be a professional manga artist

I had an opportunity to meet Kyoko Yasuoka, the editor in chief of Kochi Indies Magazine at "1 Day Manga Open College in Kochi" on February 18. The independent manga magazine's main purpose is to find and nurture the young manga artists who want to be professional.


"1 Day Manga Open College in Kochi" was the academic manga event hosted by NPO Manga Summit and Kochi Prefecture. The event included; lectures by Keiichi Makino (Manga course professor at Kyoto University Art and Design) and Leiji Matsumoto (creator of Galaxy Express 999, Space Pirate Captain Harlock, Space Battleship Yamato), a panel discussion by manga artists and editors, manga exhibitions, and manga workshops.


Ms. Yasuoka was one of the exhibitors at the event. She explained the history and the current status of her magazine published twice a year, May and November. She said, "It is sure there are so many young people who want to be professional manga artists. But they just don't know how. So we want to help and guide them efficiency. We, as manga editors, advise them how to create manga on the professional level. Once they reach a certain level, we publish their manga in our magazine and distribute it through the book stores in the region and our online store."  


Kochi Indies Magazine accepts not only Japanese but also foreign manga artists' entries (illustration only). If you want to publish your manga illustration on the magazine, please make contact with [email protected]


Kyoko Yasuoka, the editor in chief of Kochi Indies Magazine


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