FEATURE: Fanart Friday, On Our Backs and In Our Hearts Edition

Fans of mild-mannered and timid anime, you have been warned

Fanart Friday returns, way more pumped up than it needs to be. Last week, we took a trip through the land of sparkles and magical girls, so we're going for the polar opposite this week with the most overwhelmingly hot-blooded characters around!


For those of you new to this, it's pretty simple: it's not about who's smarter, or who's stronger... it's about who believes in themself more, and who has the most spirit and heart when everything's down to the wire. The results are usually pretty awesome. Feel free to read this week's Fanart Friday out loud in ALL CAPS.


DISCLAIMER:  None of the art presented is the property of myself or Crunchyroll.  All characters and series are tm and © their respective creators and corporate owners.  All art is the creative property of their respective artists.  Any artists who wish to have their work removed from this article may contact me, and appropriate action will be immediately taken.



by Raccoon5

And what better way to start than by rockin' out with the Elite Beat Agents? Yeah, I can admit it--I like these guys a little more than the badass cheerleaders from Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! While the games have their similarites, there's something special about taking out an entire alien armada with the Rolling Stones.




WHOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOO!! Contra is the game you play when nothing else does it for you. The Contra Corps are men and women so insane that "grab hold onto a missile and ride it to the enemy base" is actually part of the plan.



by 毛毛毛玉  竜吉@求スタドリ

Now I'm dipping into stuff you've never heard of. Kongoh Banchou was an exceedingly awesome series about superpowered delinquent warfare that ran in Shounen Sunday alongside Detective Conan and The World God Only Knows.



by でこ

One of the coolest things a character can do is inspire others to be as cool as them. While Eikichi Onizuka (22 years old) is a pretty terrible person and an only-okay teacher, this uncaged lunatic never fails to make his students into better people.



by 地鐡男DDN

In case you're wondering, this is where this week's title comes from. Gurren-Lagann got me interested in anime again, and I'll always appreciate how it's basically the anti-Eva, all about being positive and tackling adversity head-on.



by さんえす

Domon Kasshu is almost embarassingly hot-blooded. He shoots his mouth off at everybody, and it's pretty sad how he always takes his frustrations out on Rain. But when it comes time to fight, that ridiculous level of anger sure comes in handy...



by GomTang

I'm the first to admit that I'm not particularly good at BlazBlue, but what really kills me is how difficult it is for me to effectively use Bang Shishigami. The guy lacks subtlety and volume control, and he's supposed to be a ninja.



by じょん

Why don't classic series do well in the US? Because if some licensor decides to put out a $200 box set of all of Ashita no Joe, I'd buy it a heartbeat. I'm surprised people are so reluctant to watch a series where the best strategy the main character tends to come up with is "I'll let them hit me, so that way I'm in punching range!"



by グリーン

Faye Valentine was an excellent counter to the reluctant Spike, the hyperactive but spacey Ed, and the mature and weary Jet. By that, I mean she was hot-headed, impulsive, and capable of some really boneheaded decisions.


by Graphitebite

Makoto is one of the reasons why I'll pick Street Fighter over any other fighting game. The Angry Little Karate Beast has so much personality--she'll grimace if she misses a throw attempt! And she'll stay angry for the rest of the fight until she lands a satisfying hit!



by 三四

All of Team Urameshi counts as hot-blooded to varying degrees. Sure, Kurama may be all calm and collected, and then several times during the tournament he'll just up and murder a guy. Actually, that's all the time--how many of Kurama's opponents lived?



by OgawaBurukku

There's a two-fer for ya! But here's the real question with these two hot-blooded morons: which of them is smarter? Which of them will score higher on a standardized test? Luffy? Or Natsu?



by まっち

PUT YA GUNS ON! As much as I love Sengoku BASARA, I wish that we could get the same kind of goofy, over-the-top take on American history, with Meade and Lee having a crazy Dragonball Z fight to the finish at Gettysburg.



by Nick-Ian

B't X is another hardly-known action series from the creator of Saint Seiya with--you guessed it--a hot-blooded young male lead, who battled enemies with punches and Pegasus-themed attacks. He also rode a cybernetic Pegasus. I remember this one airing on Japanese TV after reruns of Dragonball and the Japanese dub of the X-Men cartoon.



by よう

Spoiler/prediction time for the small audience that knows of Hajime no Ippo: I highly doubt that Sendou Takeshi will survive the series. His ruthless, charge-in-at-all-costs and never-give-up fighting style is going to cost him more than his boxing career. It'll be one hell of a finish, though.



by darkeyez07

Y'know what I miss? The old Fatal Fury OAVs and the movie. Terry was kind of a moron, but it was nice to see a plucky, gung-ho hero who would actually chill out and act like a person sometimes. You still see that personality in the King of Fighters games, but not quite as much.


And of course, saving the best for last...


by 壊男(cai-man)

Don't let Asuka's petite frame and cute looks fool you--she's a spitfire! She took on like five or six production-model Evas with her bare hands in End of Evangelion! And then, well... let's not talk about what happened after she sorta-won. Maybe if she went all Asura's Wrath on them, she might've done better against them.


Phew, that was a lot of yelling and screaming! We're gonna catch our breath and chill out next week with some of our favorite "cool" characters.


As for this week's art, did you have any favorites? I know I missed a few--who are your favorite hot-blooded characters? Keep in mind that there's a difference between focused rage (like Berserk's Guts) and a burning spirit! Thanks for checking out Fanart Friday, we'll see you next week!

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