FEATURE: Newest Anime Voice Actresses PV&CM Collection: Part 6

Aoi Yuki, Minori Chihara, Yuuka Nanri, Akiko Hasegawa, and Aya Hirano

Here's the sixth collection of the popular Japanese anime voice actresses' promotion videos/CMs for their latest songs and albums. One of the reasons why anime VAs are so popular among the Japanese fans are that they are so talented in many fields. They are very good at not just voice acting, but also singing, performing, and talking on the radio. Check their talents with these videos.


"Kaiten Mokuba to Shippo no Uta"

    (A song of the Merry-go-round and the tail)

    Aoi Yuki (from the first album "Petipa" released on March 28)



"Celestial Diva"

     Minori Chihara (14th single released on March 21)



"-shizuku- (London Remix)"

   Yuuka Nanri (from the 1st album "Rondo...Tsuki no Kioku o Tadotte" released on March 14)



DVD "Simply Lovely" digest

    Akiko Hasegawa (from "Hasegawa Akiko 1st live Simply Lovely" DVD released on March 21)



"Aya Hirano Next Phase"

   Aya Hirano (a teaser video to resume her music career)




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