FEATURE: Fanart Friday, Real Ultimate Power Edition

This week's Fanart Friday is so stealthy, you won't even know it's here

Fanart Friday returns, cutting down a building while a guitar is wailing hard in the background. Last week, we took a look at the coolest of the "cool" characters, but this week we'll be flipping out and killing everything in sight with our favorite ninja! Okay, while Robert Hamburger's impressions of ninja aren't anywhere close to accurate, it's also true that anime, manga, and games are almost as entertainingly innacurate.


So get your tabi on, sharpen your swords, make sure you're full-up on shuriken and kunai, and get ready to strike from the shadows with your favorite ninja!


DISCLAIMER:  None of the art presented is the property of myself or Crunchyroll.  All characters and series are tm and © their respective creators and corporate owners.  All art is the creative property of their respective artists.  Any artists who wish to have their work removed from this article may contact me, and appropriate action will be immediately taken.



by 百代

Sorry folks, I'm not reviewing Ninja Gaiden 3. I hear horror stories about the game's difficulty--and by that, I mean that the game is almost insultingly easy (by Ninja Gaiden standards). So yeah, sorry... no review.



by 峠比呂

I was amazed that Himawari! got a release over here in the US, but it was nice to see a ninja comedy that didn't go too far off the deep end. Oh, speak of the devil...



by 幽@厨級

Onsokumaru is the greatest ninja ever. Greatest ever. Oh, f**king great, now I have the Ninja Nonsense (2x2 Shinobuden) opening theme stuck in my head again.



by ct

Forget Volkswagen, Schwarz Bruder is the pinnacle of German engineering, especially with his German ninjutsu! Oh, what's that? There's no such thing as German ninjutsu? Shows how much you know, especially since...



by 珠 於 (Gabriel)

...we've got Vega and his Spanish ninjutsu! What's that? That's not real either?



by 坂本みねぢ

Don't get me wrong, it's cool seeing Strider Hiryu in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but I'd kill for a new side-scrolling actioner. Make it a downloadable quickie that's brutally difficult and I'm sold!



by Layout

I think this is about as much as they'll let me get away with here on Fanart Friday. My roommate strongly believes that Yoruichi isn't into Soi Fong, but don't listen to her--us sad, lonely fanboys know the truth.



by naturalSAP目に見える

No, wait, wait... this is about as much as they'll let me get away with on Fanart Friday. Strangely, this is probably the most tasteful-yet-sexy pic of stripper ninja Mai Shiranui I could find in Pixiv. Gotta love the little Andy plushie.



by nagumo

The PS2 revamp of Shinobi was so beautiful... your sword was cursed and kept eating your health--unless you were killing enemies, and then the sword fed off the blood of your slain enemies. Then, just to make things interesting, it threw long sections of combat-free platforming at you! Exciting!



by まひろ

Okay, so Recca was a pretty crappy ninja. But at least his series was a total blast! While it'll never, ever happen, this is one series I really hope gets a "final season" OAV.



by BlueFrog597

Tail of the Moon was a nice, fun, goofy ninja romance. While I'm used to Hattori Hanzo appearing in stories as a stern, experienced leader of men, this Hattori Hanzo was a stern, not-that-experienced ninja commander who did not understand this strange human emotion called love. The O.G. Hanzo popped up every now and then to make fun of this guy, so it all worked out.



by リシン

STORYTIME INVOLVING TENCHU: STEALTH ASSASSINS! So I was playing Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven co-op on PS2 with a friend, and we separate to scout the level. While he's perched on a rooftop, he sees a guard running off down the road with his sword drawn, and thinks I've been discovered. He waits a moment, and sees two more guards running off after that guard... followed by me, chasing all three of them with my sword out. Stealth is so overrated--but man, what a great game. We need a new one.



by ぽるか

Misao's not that bad a ninja, when you really get down to it. She's actually a pretty good thief, she just needs to spend more time training and less time mooning over a brooding psychopath in a trenchcoat.



by ももち

Basilisk is just not easy at all to watch (or read). Usually, the whole Romeo and Juliet story kind of irritates me, but Basilisk brought a whole new level of urgency and tragedy to the whole thing.



by moo

Y'know, I love Ninja Scroll and all, but it's kind of hard to show to people. I mean, how the hell do you describe it? "Yeah, so it's about ninja, and there are these really cool fight scenes... oh yeah, and some torture, and some really graphic sex... wait, no, it's not that bad--no, it's not porn--hey! Hey, come back!"



by ミン@通販開始しました

I don't know whether to see this as a picture of Naruto and Sasuke getting ready for a final battle, or joining forces against some very unlucky villain.



by 宇宙烏賊

Seriously though, this is the best way for those two girls to settle their differences. They've been sniping at each other for hundreds of episodes, they really need to just get it over with already! By the way, ten bucks on Naruto.


So that ends our sneaky, underhanded trip through the wide world of ninja--tune in next week when we strap on our daisho, buy cheap cha-mage wigs from the nearest Daiei and take a look at our favorite samurai from anime, manga, games and more!


Thanks for dropping by for this week's Fanart Friday--ninja are so common in anime and games that I know I've missed a few. Who are some of your favorite ninja characters? Let us know in the comments--and remember, if you have any fanart you want published here on Fanart Friday, send it my way! We'll see you next week!

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