FEATURE: Smile PreCure! Ultra Happy Carnival Report

The biggest PreCure exhibition in western Japan

Asia & Pacific Trade Center (ATC) is a world-class international wholesale trade complex located on Sakishima (Nanko) Island in Osaka. Every spring they hold a special exhibition featuring the most successful anime series in Japan, PreCure. This year's event which has started on March 17 is titled "Smile PreCure! Ultra Happy Carnival". Of course the "Ultra Happy" is taken from the catchphrase of Miyuki Hoshizora/Cure Happy, one of the five PreCure girls of the newest show, Smile PreCure!

The event flyer


ATC entrance


The exhibition room entrance


Smile PreCure! (2012-) life-size statues


Cure Happy


Cure Sunny & Cure March


Cure Beauty & Cure Peace


Life-size statues section


Fresh PreCure! (2009-2010) statues


Cure Peach


Cure Passion


Heartcatch PreCure! (2010-2011) statues


Cure Marine & Cure Blossom


Cure Moonlight


Suite PreCure♪ (2011-2012) statues


Cure Beat


Cure Muse


Smile PreCure! UFO catcher


PreCure Date Card Dass machine


PreCure Gashapon/capsule toy machines


Smile PreCure! pillows


Cure Happy stage show and shaking hands session

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