FEATURE: BANDAI Akiba Showroom April 2012 Edition

Cybaster, GaoGaiGar, Zeorymer, Dai-Guard, and more!

Tamashii Nations AKIBA Showroom is a showroom of Bandai, the most successful Japanese toy company, for their popular and newest products at JR Akihabara station. It features Bandai's super robot line-up this month. Do you know all of the super robots?



Super Robot Chogokin "The King of Braves GaoGaiGar"


Chogokin Damashii (Soul of Chogokin) "Dancouga – Super Beast Machine God"

Super Robot Chogokin "Zeorymer of the Heavens" from Hades Project Zeorymer

Super Robot Chogokin "Dai-Guard" from Terrestrial Defense Corp. Dai-Guard

Super Robot Chogokin "Solar Aquarion" from Genesis of Aquarion

Chogokin Damashii "God Sigma", "Kaimeiou", "Kuuraiou", "Rikushinou" from Space Emperor God Sigma

ARMOUR PLUS SG "Sol-Tekkaman 1&2" from Space Knight Tekkaman Blade

Figuart ZERO "Princess Shirahoshi" from ONE PIECE

Cure Marine, Cure Blossom, Cure sunshine, Coupé from Heartcatch PreCure!

Figuarts ZERO "Asuka" from Senran Kagura


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