FEATURE: Newest Anime/Game Street Ads in Akihabara: April 2012

Miku, Shining Blade, Inu x Boku, Symphogear, and more!

I had an opportunity to go to Akihabara, the biggest otaku town in Japan last weekend. As usual, I was able to find many anime/manga/game related big street advertisements everywhere in the town. Here's the newest photo report from Akihabara. Do you want to visit someday?


Miku from 3DS game "Hatsune Miku and Future Stars: Project mirai" welcomes you at the exit of 

JR Akihabara station.


SEGA's PSP game "Shining Blade"


"Inu x Boku SS" anime Blu-ray&DVD


"Senki Zesshō Symphogear" Blu-ray&DVD


Takuya Fujima illustrations "Vividcolor"


"Accel World" anime & "Da Capo III" visual novel


PS3/Xbox 360 game "ROBOTICS;NOTES"


"Ano Natsu de Matteru" Blu-ray&DVD


"Fate/Zero" Blu-ray&DVD


"A Channel" Blu-ray&DVD


"Strike Witches: The Movie"


"Steins;Gate" & "Steins;Gate: Hiyoku Renri no Darling" PS3 game


Manga "Moyashimon" vol.11

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