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FEATURE: Newest Anime Voice Actresses PV&CM Collection: Part 7

Ayana Taketatsu, Kana Hanazawa, Minako Kotobuki, and more!

Here's the seventh collection of the popular Japanese anime voice actresses' promotion videos/CMs for their latest songs, albums and live BDs which are scheduled to be released in April and May 2012. Is your favorite anime Va in the list this time?


"Sinfonia! Sinfonia!!!" Ayana Taketatsu

    (her 1st single released on April 11)


"Strawberry☆Kiss" Ayana Taketatsu

    (coupling track for "Sinfonia! Sinfonia!!!" )


"Hoshizora Destination" Kana Hanazawa

     (her 1st single released on April 25)

"Kokoro Sky" Minako Kotobuki

    (4th single released on April 11)

"Nakagawa Kanon starring Toyama Nao 1st Concert 2012 Ribbon Revolution"

  Kanon Nakagawa starring Toyama Nao

     (her 1st live CD+BD released on May 30)



"SUMMER CAMP 3 LIVE BD" digest movie   Minori Chihara

    (Presale at her tour "D-Formation" in April to May)




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