FEATURE: Fanart Friday, Girls with Glasses Edition

Fanart for people who like their women legally blind

Fanart Friday returns, catering to oddly specific groups of fans. Last week, we took a look at some of our favorite cooking (and eating!) aficionados from anime, games, and real life, but this week we're switching gears. We've never done an all-female Fanart Friday before--no, Kira-Kira Magical Girl Edition doesn't count because we had one magical boy--so we're starting out with a very specific type of female anime character.


No matter what kind of series you read or watch, it's almost a given that one of the female characters will be wearing glasses. It's kind of a thing among anime fans, I notice. Actually, if you want to get technical there are just as many glasses guys as there are girls--when we were writing up the list for this week, we came up with so many characters that we decided to split it up into two installments! For now, though, let's check out our favorite meganekko from our favorite series--we'll get to guys with glasses next month!


DISCLAIMER:  None of the art presented is the property of myself or Crunchyroll.  All characters and series are tm and © their respective creators and corporate owners.  All art is the creative property of their respective artists.  Any artists who wish to have their work removed from this article may contact me, and appropriate action will be immediately taken.



by ナツネ

One thing to remember about the typical anime "girl with glasses" character is that she's often mousey, quiet and reserved. Magic Knight Rayearth's wind user Fuu fits these specs to a T. Of course, later on in the series you could say that she becomes more fierce and outgoing than either of the other two girls...



by 色<シキ>

It's funny--during the years that Onegai Teacher (Please Teacher here in the States) was popular, sales of Pocky went through the roof, most of it due to Mizuho's obsession with it. It's POCKY, guys, it's like if somebody were obsessed with Funyuns or something. I saw people buying Pocky for $5 a box at Suncoast when the idiots could have just gone to their local Asian market and bought the stuff for $1.



by ぱらじく

Yomiko Readman may be pandering to the nth degree--c'mon, she's a beautiful nerd who gets hot and bothered over rare books--but she's a fun character who's as socially awkward as a hermit nerd should be.



by 寺蔵

Martian Successor Nadesico was such a great series, and one of its best characters was supernerd fangirl mecha pilot Hikaru Amano! Poor girl, having to turn down that (married) engineer guy who fell for her.



by 1号

Sorry, shippers--Zoro's not gonna end up with Tashigi. For real. Nobody on One Piece is ever gonna end up with each other. Of course, this doesn't mean that Tashigi won't be Zoro's second-to-last "boss fight" of the series... or maybe even his "final boss."



Even though it was a shounen series, I was impressed at how straightforward and realistic Emma was. The attention to detail made Emma feel like a real period piece. It is, to me, the only real "maid series."



by コグレ

Awright, so is it Integra or Integral? Nobody can give me a straight answer! Either way, she was my favorite part of Hellsing all the way up to its completely idiotic end. That doesn't make Hellsing Ultimate any less fun to watch. More manga-accurate reboots, please!



by ZephyrZero

Lady Une had me fooled. I thought she was going to be all quiet and mousey, like you expect "glasses" characters to be. Then she shoves a dude out of a plane and headshots him before he hits the ground. Sheesh, there really is no kill like overkill.



by N

I think what impresses me most with this picture is that the artist actually made Anthy look Indian, instead of "typical anime girl, but darker-skinned." Revolutionary Girl Utena was a total blast, though--I should rewatch that one at some point.



by 123

The first episode of Dragonball that I ever saw had Arale headbutting a Red Ribbon commander into unconsciousness. Unfortunately, she never made any return appearances. Now please, fans--stop drawing sexy fanart of a grown-up Arale, it's terrifying.



by 陽子

Okay, so it only kinda counts, with "normal" Tira wearing her glasses in the background. Whatever happened to Sorcerer Hunters, anyways? That series' popularity was a real flash in the pan!



by カニマーボ

The best part about Queen's Blade MILF Cattleya making an appearance in Fanart Friday? I made my friend pore through pages and pages of horrifying, creepy fanart before deciding on this (mostly) tasteful piece. Watching her reactions made my day.



by まさぺこ

Another bit of localization wackiness--I prefer the super-ethnic sounding "Scieska" over the more easy-to-read "Sheska." Either way, she fits the bill better than fellow Fullmetal Alchemist star Riza Hawkeye--she actually wears her glasses all the time.



by [email protected]

Pay no mind to Sasuke in the back there--just focus on Karin. I'd like her to actually do something in the series, but it's almost like Kishimoto is taking lessons from Kubo Tite on how to sideline interesting female characters with potential.



by そらみそ

Case in point! I'm okay with Nanao not getting much screen time--she was kind of designed as an add-on. But when Kubo introduced the Visored, I thought each of the new faces would get plenty of development, especially the hilarious, smut-hounding Lisa Yadoumaru.



by いくそつー

What I've seen of Bodacious Space Pirates reminds me of the best anime of the '90s--it's cheeky, it's fun, and it doesn't go overboard with the fanservice. Even Chiaki here fits the '90s meganekko trope perfectly.



by 志ノ原しのめ

Okay, so Ano Natsu de Matteru is pretty similar to the Onegai series--young student falls for a hot redhead with glasses who's harboring a big secret--but trust me, it's different enough. Hell, I don't even like this kind of show very much and I was hooked.


That's all for this week, everybody--make sure you swing by next week, when we crack out our Nintendo handhelds for some battling and trading--that's right, next week is all about Pokémon! Who are some of your favorite glasses-wearing female characters? Were there any favorites that I missed? Sound off in the comments!


Of course, all your art is welcome here on Fanart Friday as well, so just send me a PM with a link to your deviantArt/Pixiv/what-have-you and I'll squeeze it into a future installment! Once again, thanks for dropping by--seeya next week!

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