FEATURE: Fanart Friday, Marvel Edition

Marvel at the Marvels with some marvelous man--er, fanart

Fanart Friday returns, and it would have words with thee. Last week, we took a look at harem titles of all stripes, but this week--in celebration of The Avengers' release--we'll be fanboying out with an all-Marvel installment!


I've always been more of a Marvel fan than a DC fan, with its more-human characters and grounding it in the "real" world, instead of fictional cities like Gotham or Metropolis. More than that, Marvel characters tend to have problems we can actually relate to, which makes them much more endearing characters despite their crazy superhuman adventures. So, uh... Avengers Assemble let's go!


DISCLAIMER:  None of the art presented is the property of myself or Crunchyroll.  All characters and series are tm and © their respective creators and corporate owners.  All art is the creative property of their respective artists.  Any artists who wish to have their work removed from this article may contact me, and appropriate action will be immediately taken.



by francis001

Look no further than Marvel's flagship character, Spider-Man, for relatable problems. After saving this stupid inattentive kid from getting run over by a bus, Spidey will probably have to go off and fight Venom or Electro, crawl home half-dead to unpaid bills, a pile of homework so he doesn't fail his classes, and then realize that he stood up his date... again.



by all-day

This artist recognizes something that a lot of people take for granted: SHIELD Agent Coulson is one of the best additions from the Marvel movies. Those of you with the Blu-ray of Captain America: The First Avenger should check out the short "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer."



by pushfighter

Sorry, guys--I know a lot of you think the '90s X-Men were the best, but this was a solid, balanced team that lent itself to some great stories. Plus, Colossus and Nightcrawler as regular members?



by 百瀬せー@野郎フェスA-26

So, kind of a spoiler for those of you who don't read comics: Bucky became Captain America for a while, when Steve Rogers was... dead busy. After Fear Itself, Steve takes over once again as Cap... but honestly, I kinda liked Bucky in the role. Marvel fans, what do you think? Who was the better Cap?



by ラリアット

Even wielding the powers of Hell, I don't think Ghost Rider stands much of a chance against Kamen Rider. Plus, the first Ghost Rider movie kinda sucked, and I haven't even seen Spirit of Vengeance. Was that any good?



by JamesTheShark

Fine, fine, here's Gambit. No, I'm not that much of a Gambit fan--what has he done besides, y'know... start the Mutant Massacre and almost cheat on his girlfriend (Rogue) with her mom (Mystique)? Bizarre Love Triangle indeed. Rogue I'm fine with, but Gambit? He's like Forrest Gump in a trenchcoat.



by JPRart

Contrary to what the craptastic movies may tell you, the Fantastic Four are pretty cool. They're a loving, bickering family who are willing to go to any lengths to protect each other. One day they'll get it right... I hope.



by クロシオ

I'm not that surprised at how much fanart there is of Wolverine's "daughter," X-23. Actually, there's just as much fanart of her half-brother Daken, so it turns out that Japanese fans love Wolverine's kids almost as much as they love our favorite Canadian superhero.



by あるえご

I'm just gonna come out and say it: Iron Man is cooler than Batman. Deep down, Iron Man is a good person, who's willing to overcome his own crippling personal deficiencies for the sake of helping others. Batman always seems more concerned with knocking heads and scaring the hell out of people instead of actually helping anybody. Money may be the best superpower, but superpowers don't make a superhero.



by yuko

Underneath its grim '90s-style pouches-and-guns exterior, this is exactly what Cable & Deadpool read like. It was a goofy buddy comedy (with kid sidekick Hope) that only very rarely got anywhere close to serious. Rob Liefeld covers aside, it was an awesome read.



by Cinar

Daredevil is another great character who got the shaft thanks to a terrible movie. Seriously, go read Kevin Smith's Guardian Devil or anything from Frank Miller's run (especially "Armageddon")--Daredevil is an awesome street-level superhero, and more than just "a poor man's Spider-Man."



by ryancody

You would not believe how much yaoi/shounen-ai fanart there is of Charles Xavier and Magneto from X-Men: First Class. How much is it to ask for Patrick Stewart?


by perpetual-insomniac

While they're not appearing in the movie version of The Avengers, Hank and Janet Pym are incredibly important to the Marvel universe, and the team. Through all their personal problems and horrible marriage issues, these two founding members have been a real emotional cornerstone. Hopefully they show up in future Marvel movie installments.



by emmav

The right way for American comics to appeal to manga fans is not with a typical superhero story and manga-style art. The right way is with a story like Runaways--these kids find out that they're the children of supervillains, and take to the road to foil their parents' schemes. It's definitely worth a read--check it out sometime!



by コスガクミ

On the other hand, Spider-Man is the most pure anime-style superhero around. For real, aside from all those problems with unpaid bills and whatnot, Spidey has that perfect oh-so-shounen "I will protect you" vibe down pat. Why haven't we seen a Spider-Man anime yet? Preferably one done right?


by OSK-studio and ANDREA11179

I think what I appreciated most about the movie version of Thor is that its best parts were in Asgard. Sure, all the stuff with an adorably flustered Natalie Portman and hilarious (and hawt) fangirl Kat Dennings was great, but Kenneth Branagh's direction made the movie's Asgard segments feel appropriately Shakespearean.



by Frobman

Rocket Raccoon more than deserves his spot in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. "Wasted slot," my ass--those haters just haven't read any comics since the '90s! With Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes building up a Skrull invasion storyline, do you think Annihilation might also be on the way?



by Nezart

The Silver Surfer is probably one of the most mind-bogglingly powerful characters in comics, and is the dividing line between incredibly powerful beings like Thor and Superman, and cosmic-level force-of-nature entities like Galactus. And yet, he's such a melancholy and kind of depressing character, because he is literally a harbinger of death itself.



by Daimida

Emma Frost--best addition to the X-Men, ever. You've gotta love somebody who's so gleefully mean, and yet is able to put all that aside when there's actual work to be done.



by kizer180

I didn't respect Doctor Doom much at first. He just seemed so cartoonishly evil, but when you get down to it and watch him grow as a character, he's the perfect person to rule the world. The only problem is that he knows it, and wants to make sure everybody else knows it too. In those rare moments when he puts his BS aside and does the right thing, he's a terrifyingly powerful force for good.

And one more before we close up for the week:



by 服部膵蔵

Okay, this is not at all what I had in mind when I said I wanted a Spider-Man anime, but I'd gladly pay top dollar for this. Hey Madhouse: I will dump my entire savings account into production of The Amazing Spider-Delinquent.


So are any of you going to see The Avengers this week? What are some of your favorite Marvel series and characters? Were there any that I missed this week? Let us know in the comments!


As always, your art is welcome here, no matter what it is. Crayon drawings, stick figures, crazy abstractions--it's all welcome, so send it in, and I'll make sure it appears in a future installment. Thanks again for dropping by Fanart Friday, and we'll see you next week, where we deliver the Guys with Glasses theme, following up on the (surprisingly) popular Girls with Glasses Edition! Have a great weekend, everybody!

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