FEATURE: Japanese Local Police Hero "Mamoruman" Show

Best teacher for children to learn the importance of rules

Some local police stations in Japan have their own heroes to promote their crime prevention activities and to educate the children on the importance of following rules. "Bouhan Tokusou Mamoruman (Crime Prevention Special Investigation Mamoruman)", the hero of Aki Station of Kochi Prefectural Police, is one of them. "Mamoru" means "protect" or "defend" in Japanese. Mamoruman is an officer of the special investigation unit of the crime prevention division of Aki station. He fights against an evil secret society called "Waru Black" who have been hiding in the Aki area since three years ago.


On May 18, Yokoyama Memorial Manga Museum in Kochi-city held a Mamoruman show for the children in the neighborhood kindergarten as part of its manga exhibition "Kochi no Manga Arekoreten" which has been held since April 28. About 60 kids were invited to the show and enjoyed

learning the traffic rules.


It is obvious that Mamoruman's costume is not as super-detailed as that of the tokusatsu heroes we

watch in the Japanese TV shows. But the important thing is that all of the costumes were handmade

by the officers of Aki station themselves. They played all of the stuntworks in the show, made Mamoruman's

figures, character goods, and even produced his theme song voluntarily!   


*all of the photos were taken by Mikikazu Komatsu


Waru Black's kaijin "Outrider" (left) and staff officer "Death Colonel" (right)


Mamoruman appears!


The kaijin was arrested by the police officer.


Mamoruman gave the presents to all of the children.


A girl was interviewed by a local TV station's reporter


Mamoruman section in Yokoyama Memorial Manga Museum




Mamoruman theme song

© Kochi Prefectural Police Department

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