FEATURE: Fanart Friday, Dance to the Music Edition

Celebrate your favorite musicians in anime with some rockin' fanart

Fanart Friday returns, getting a kick out of disgruntled guitarists complaining about Rock Band and Guitar Hero and how you should play real guitar instead. Because, y'know, why play Street Fighter when you could go get into a real street fight, or play Gran Turismo when you could go and test-drive a real supercar? Why play Harvest Moon when you could slave away on a real farm, or play Metal Gear when you could sneak into a real government facility and [further text edited for time and inappropriate content]


Last week, we went on a dark trip through the land of vampire hunters and demon slayers, but this week it's all music, all the time, with your favorite musicians from anime, games and more! And now, for one night only (every single week at the exact same time), it's time for Fanart Friday!


DISCLAIMER:  None of the art presented is the property of myself or Crunchyroll.  All characters and series are tm and © their respective creators and corporate owners.  All art is the creative property of their respective artists.  Any artists who wish to have their work removed from this article may contact me, and appropriate action will be immediately taken.



by れんとん

I'll be honest--this is what I thought K-ON! was gonna be like. I was pretty disappointed when the show was less "starting a band and learning how to play an instrument" and more "cute girls sitting around and eating cake." Plus, Beck's soundtrack! That unbelievably good soundtrack!



by uki

But don't get me wrong, I don't dislike K-ON!--it just wasn't what I was expecting. I guess it's like turning on Fist of the North Star and expecting diplomatic solutions to post-apocalyptic problems.



by りー。

I remember Sensual Phrase (Kaikan Phrase) being really popular a while back. Mayu Shinjo is a pioneer in entertaining smut shoujo manga, but what I remember most about the series is their band, "Lucifer." Kind of a hardcore name for a standard rock band--watch they sounded like Maroon 5 or something.



by Alex Amezcua

It's not enough for me to just post Jem here, no no. I must in fact link you to the opening theme, and now the song will be stuck in your head for days.



by nira.

So do the fangirls still squee over Gravitation? I don't remember enjoying the manga all that much, but I do remember it being really, really popular...



by Miist

My first experience with NANA was with the anime (and its f**king amazing soundtrack), but the live-action movies were pretty cool too. I have a friend who re-reads the manga, then feels all depressed afterward--kind of like whenever I re-read Berserk!



by moondabor

Hoshi is probably one of my favorite guitarists in all of anime. Of course, he's not cool enough to actually be the main character of Arakawa Under the Bridge, but he's a good rival-in-romance. What makes it even better is that this weirdo lives under the bridge in his spare time, and he's actually a super-rich rock star.



by Tefrin

Okay, K-ON! fans, riddle me this: why is Mio so popular? The picture of the full band at the very top was tough to find, since I was sifting through pages and pages of just Mio!



by IVY

Usually it's the other way around--guy falls for sexy pop star and just won't leave her alone. What makes Sharon Apple scary is that she fell for ace pilot Isamu Dyson and wouldn't leave him alone--did I mention that she's also a super-intelligent military-grade AI? That they use to sing and perform catchy pop?! Thanks, Macross, for your constant misappropriation of military technology.



by mikann

I don't care what you're doing online, stop whatever it is and watch Kids on the Slope. It would be unfair for me to say "it's damn good, so watch it," so here's a quick review: it's smart, well-written, has excellent characters, and has a great soundtrack. So what's stopping you?



by E-mann

Whether you read the comic, watched the movie or played the game, Scott Pilgrim had a whole hell of a lot to do with music. Personally, I'm partial to the game's wicked chiptune soundtrack by Anamanaguchi!



by 平面

Now there's a dream team for ya! I'm telling you, the moment that Haruhi started singing (episode 12, for those of you wondering), my jaw hit the floor. It was completely unexpected and a great way to send the series off. Also, random guest appearance by Hatsune Miku! (Here, not in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.)



by ジョジ

Don't let appearances fool you--La Corda d'Oro is super-girly and takes place at a music school, but the competition is ruthless. Also, something about magic music fairies, but I don't quite remember much of that.



by お釜谷

Blue Rose: Tiger & Bunny's ice-themed crimefighter who also happens to be a hit idol! And a cute Russian schoolgirl! And is into older men! It's kind of a surprise to see a character like this in the series--I mean, it seems like most of T&B's hardcore audience is female...



by Steven James Morris

Is it sad that I know almost every Dethklok song by heart? I'm not kidding about that, I was putting the lyrics to the "Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle" here but decided against it.


by 空風神人

There is one scene that always sticks in my memory from Nodame Cantabile: "HEEEEY! YOU THERE! YOU FORGOT YOUR BELT AT MY HOUSE! I REMEMBER BECAUSE I TOOK IT OFF YOU LAST NIGHT!" "Please, it's not what it sounds like, nothing happened between me and her..."



by セガミ

I keep holding out hope that one day we'll get Macross Frontier out here in some form or another. Epic aerial battles and a catchy soundtrack are enough for me, and instead of just one "idol" character, we get dueling idols for a good 90% of the series.



by ごはんライス

I think it's fair to call Soranowoto "K-ON!, but with gunfire and death." Gotta love her trumpet blaring "Damn you, K-ON!"



by G0069

It makes sense that the Straw Hats would throw down like this, especially resident musicians Brook and Franky! Okay, Franky's technically their shipwright, but remember, he does play guitar--just not as well as Brook!


But how to end this medley of madness? How about with the ol' switcheroo:



by lolitaninja


by kaiga

Aww, look at how cute and brutal widdle Dethklok is! And how... horrifying and ruthless the Light Music Club has become! Damn, you girls have been taking your vitamins... uh, I think I'll leave now.


Yeah yeah, K-ON! and Lucky Star are two different things... barely.


Who are some of your favorite musicians in anime, manga, movies, and games? I know I left the Elite Beat Agents out (if I had my way, I'd find a way to put them in every Fanart Friday), but what about all of you?


Thanks for dropping by Fanart Friday this week, everybody, and don't forget that your work is always welcome here--shoot a PM over to me with a link to your art: stick figures, crayon drawings, stop-motion animation with action figures--just send me a link and I'll fit it into a future installment! Be sure to swing by next week when we celebrate Father's Day with fanart of our favorite fathers (and fatherly figures)!

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