FEATURE: Fanart Friday, Favorite Fathers Edition

Celebrate Dad's Day with fanart of your favorite fictional fathers

Fanart Friday returns, burning eggs and haphazardly mowing the lawn so Dad can sleep in this Sunday. Last week, we rocked out with a look at our favorite singers and musicians from anime, but with Father's Day coming up, it's all about the old man this week!


DISCLAIMER:  None of the art presented is the property of myself or Crunchyroll.  All characters and series are tm and © their respective creators and corporate owners.  All art is the creative property of their respective artists.  Any artists who wish to have their work removed from this article may contact me, and appropriate action will be immediately taken.



by Ixy

Konata's dad from Lucky Star does it right, raising his kid to be as big a nerd as he is. Of course, all the adult games he buys are for him, but Konata just happens to check 'em out too.



by rio@いくじちゅう

Meanwhile, over in Bleach, deadly dads Isshin Kurosaki and Ryuken Ishida... do nothing while they wait for a convenient moment to appear. With Bleach's hilariously huge cast, you'd think they'd all just gang up on the bad guys and call it a day.



by 宮居 千(miyai_max)

Clannad's Akio is a pretty awesome guy. Along with taking care of his wife and daughter, he suffers through "enjoying" his wife's experimental bread and plays baseball with kids in the park! Can you get any cooler?



by タタル

Of course you can, when Dad is a superhero! Wild Tiger may not always be there for his daughter's figure skating or whatever it is she does, but he's there when it counts--like when a building falls on her in a rainstorm! Or when he's embarassing her in front of her friends, because that's an important parental job, too!



by にすき

Charles zi Britannia does not have time for whining, especially from his son (who really needs to visit a Hometown Buffet along with the half the cast of Code Geass) for he has yo-yo tricks to master.



by しぶ3

Much as I love insane, high-energy action, I've never been able to get into Grappler Baki--a lot of that has to do with the hilarious fan-worship of Baki's superhuman martial artist father Yujiro, who is for all intents and purposes one of the most ludicrously powerful fighters in all of anime, ever.



by 騎士二千

FATHER BATTLE COMMENCE! You'd be amazed at how much freaky-ass fanart I've seen of Chiyo's enigmatic dad. Yotsuba's dad, on the other hand--I'm amazed he's able to keep up with his daughter, especially with his workload!



by 杉本 ぱり

Gendou Ikari, Father of the Year! Husband of the Year! It takes a man's man to sacrifice your wife in the name of your research, and use and abuse your son to further your own apocalyptic agenda! On second thought, we're gonna have to reconsider those awards...



by ネギ塩力ノレビ

Fathers don't have to be related by blood--Hajime no Ippo's vicious world champion Takamura feels a closer bond to Coach Kamogawa and his tough love than he ever did to his real family.



by ワン太

"Tough love" comes in many forms. Genma Saotome not only sold his son Ranma's hand in marriage to everybody everywhere for anything they could have possibly needed on their journey, but he also locked him in a basement full of hungry cats to improve his son's fighting skills. Uhh... Father of the Year runner-up!



by hetaree

There's the real Father of the Year candidate right there. Maes Hughes is *choke* *sob* one of the best characters ever! Watching (or reading) Fullmetal Alchemist always hurts. :(



by 侑賀

You want crazy anime dad-training? Take Initial D's Bunta Fujiwara, who puts a cup of water in the car and tells his son to drive as fast as he can both ways through a winding mountain pass without spilling a single drop.



by xDestinyStarzx

13th Squad Captain Ukitake not only takes care of a bunch of kids in his unit, but his sword is also a pair of twin boys who match Ukitake's level-headed personality. Poor guy always has his hands full!



by katsutake

I've already made the joke that Goku is a terrible father, but it's weird how gruff former conqueror Vegeta settles down and raises a relatively normal family, especially with him in the role of stay-at-home dad. Well, stay-at-home dad who lives for revenge, but still...



Raising children with crippling personal issues is a whole different kind of challenge, but Soul Eater's Lord Death handles his goofy, symmetry-obsessed son like he handles everything else in life. Er, death. Whatever, you know what I mean.



by Livio27

Congratulations, that's the Imperial March that you're hearing in your head as Vader strolls through a frozen battlefield. Also, next time someone says that their favorite line in Star Wars is "Luke, I am your father," slap them.



by パタ

Usagi Drop is pretty heavy stuff--it's about a young man having the responsibility of fatherhood suddenly thrown upon him--but it's one of the most relaxing series I've ever seen.



by kurageneko

The world would be a better place if we all followed Prince Phillionel's philosophy. PACIFIST PUNCH! KINDNESS TO ALL CREATURES KICK!



by 烏鴨

The upcoming Naruto movie has me a little worried. I mean, it sounds awesome--I would love to see what the characters would be like if they didn't endure the trials of the series, but it makes me wonder... would Gaara still be a murderous psychopath? Would Neji still be an insufferable, bitter jerk?



by algorithmus

Fullmetal Alchemist was exceptionally good in how it handled fathers, and how they help develop their children. Hohenheim of the Light wasn't just a "goal" for Ed and Al, but he also had issues with his own "father" that tied to all the problems in the series.



by Shin Arc

So I've never seen Seto no Hanayome, but I hear that the two "dad" characters in the series are freakin' amazing. I'm assuming this is a pretty accurate picture of what the series is like? And more importantly, who's the guy on the far left?


by hiimdaisy

All right, so Big Boss was actually kind of a lousy parent. No wonder Liquid turned out the way he did, with his fake British accent and his lame trenchcoat + no-shirt combination.


And that's all for this week! I know that some people are really surprised when I don't include certain characters, but I only have so much space and there's a lot of titles I haven't seen or played, so fill in the blanks for me!


Actually, y'know what, here's a new thing... I always announce next week's theme at the end of each Fanart Friday. If there are any characters you really want to see in the following installment, let us know in the comments! Be sure to drop by next week, when we put on our frilly shirts and pretentious overcoats to celebrate our favorite royal characters!


As always, your work is welcome here on Fanart Friday--just send me a link to your work, whatever medium it may be, and I'll be sure to work it into a future installment.


Who are some of your favorite dads in the anime, manga, movies and games you love?


Thanks for checking out Fanart Friday, and we hope to see you next week!

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