FEATURE: Fanart Friday, Royal Rumble Edition

Genuflect, show some respect, down on one knee

Fanart Friday returns with sixty elephants, llamas galore, bears and lions, a brass band and more. Last week, we celebrated Father's Day with a look back at the fictional fathers we loved and hated, but as promised, this week we're putting on our gold-laced purple cloaks and goofy hats to celebrate royalty!



From intimidating kings and emperors to princesses disguised as commoners, royalty is everywhere in anime, comics, and games. Let's start the procession!


DISCLAIMER:  None of the art presented is the property of myself or Crunchyroll.  All characters and series are tm and © their respective creators and corporate owners.  All art is the creative property of their respective artists.  Any artists who wish to have their work removed from this article may contact me, and appropriate action will be immediately taken.



by mironome

Emma's Hakim was a slick Indian prince, and the rare bit of comic relief in an pretty serious series. The real highlight? He owned an elephant, which beats a BMW any day of the week.



by けーた^^@ついった

I honestly have no idea when the statute of limitations on Fullmetal Alchemist spoilers is up, but sorta-prince Ling Yao was one of my favorite characters. You won't see him in the original anime's run, but the manga and Brotherhood give him plenty of development.



by とこ

Enough with the princes, though... here we have a king. When he's not wooing Earth girls who run track, Escaflowne's Van Fanel enjoys long walks on the beach, swordplay, and uncontrollable fits of rage.



by ミサコズ@3日目東マ-35b

Poor Marina. Her kingdom is a battlefield, but at least the Gundam pilot she has a connection with isn't an invitation-tearing psychopath who threatens to kill her every ten seconds. Gundam 00 had similarities to Gundam Wing, but its Relena-alike wasn't as, I dunno... blind.



by daekazu

Looks like they got the entire list! I argued with a friend that Tiana and Belle weren't princesses (Tiana was a waitress and Belle was a faux-intellectual snob), but marriage does change everything.




Speaking of Disney, Emperor Beld did not get a Disney villain death, even though he could fit in perfectly to just about any Disney fantasy movie. Record of Lodoss War would make for an awesome musical, though, especially with Parn singing about how he's terrified of the affections of a sexy elf.


by ぬこめ

Last week, somebody requested Princess Merurulince Rede Arls from... uh... Atelier Meruru. Well, here she is! I've never seen the series, so you'll have to provide your own commentary!



by Demented

Poor Emperor Pilaf. He just wants to conquer the world, but noooo, that kid Goku has to show up and kick his ass. For all its faults, the very, very beginning of Dragonball GT is solid gold, with Pilaf trying to collect the Dragonballs and wish for world domination--only now an adult Goku shows up at the wrong time.



by aoki

I'm always gonna argue that Code Geass' exiled prince Lelouch is a villain, and the whole ordeal with Princess Euphemia is proof-positive of that. Spoilers ahoy: when he accidentally Geass'd Euphie, it was surprising how quickly his reaction changed from "oh crap oh crap must fix" to "how can I turn this to my advantage?" That's some Light Yagami talk if I ever heard it.



by ちちバンド

So what happens when you confess your love to Princess Zelda? Well, it depends on which Zelda, but check out the responses' translations here!



by なお

So yeah, I'm just gonna pretend that Mawaru Penguindrum is about penguins and drumming battles, so I have no idea where the (requested) Princess of the Crystal fits in. Maybe she leads the drumline? She's in a band? I dunno, I'm just grasping at straws here. Penguindrum fans, fill in the blanks for me!



by 蒲 (がま)

Forgot about her, didn't you? Weird how Ayeka's one of the few anime princesses who acts like a princess: haughty and bitchy and generally unfriendly, but trying really hard to be a likeable person.


by 憤怒氏

Eddard "Ned" Stark may not have been a king, but he sure as hell acted like one. A line from the movie Rob Roy sums it up: "All men with honor are kings, but not all kings have honor."



by しらたき

We've only got so much space on Fanart Friday, so I had to decide between Sailor Moon's Princess Serenity and Rayearth's Princess Emeraude. In the end, I went with the more recognizable of the two--we also got a request for her last week!



by Steffi

One thing that surprised me about Chrono Trigger (the first time I played it) was how your first interaction with Marle affected your trial later on in the story. Oh sure, the result was always the same, but finding out Marle was a princess and getting your actions ruthlessly scrutinized was a shock that few gamers will forget.



by ユキ

Running a country isn't just leading armies into battle and dealing with assassination attempts. Saiunkoku Monogatari may have been on the slow side, but it gave a more realistic look at royalty and the day-to-day troubles of the ruling class.



by Prettío

Crown Princess Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune is always dragged along for high adventure with Lina Inverse and company, and almost always has to avoid or explain diplomatic incidents along the way.



by Aeolus06

Is it a good thing or a bad thing that I can find more fanart of Little Nemo's Princess Camille than of her father, who I described as Santa with a magic bazooka?



by 羽鳥あきよ

Rose of Versailles was able to fit its epic tale of cross-dressing and fighting hard for the sake of your dreams within the setting of French nobility. The series is a classic, but in the market's current state I don't think it's ever making its way over here.



by にゃんこさん@ぴょん倉庫

And then you have the people who are just really good at pretending to be royalty. Alexandre Dumas' classic The Count of Monte Cristo got a psychedelic sci-fi coat of paint in Gankutsuou, and it was surprisingly more faithful to the book than the most recent film version!



by meai

I didn't talk much about Hotohori when I did a Natestalgia on Fushigi Yugi's anime. Suffice to say, I'm a Tasuki fan, but Hotohori, King of totally-not-China, is pretty awesome in his own right.



by 味噌ジュース@アイコンは頂き物

I always thought it was kind of awesome back when ADV released the Fire Emblem OAV, but did you know that Marth's name was originally localized as Mars? I thought it worked, since, y'know... you have a king in a war named after the Roman god of war.



by 春雨。

Holy crap, a Geocities link! MeruPuri is the Hino Matsuri work that I prefer--I'd rather pick a goofy fairy-tail adventure over angsty vampires, personally.



by とんび

You've got all the people who hate One Piece, but I wonder if they ever watched or read one of the arcs that's about a female character, which are pretty much the best arcs in the series. Y'ever notice that? Arlong Park was about reconciling Nami's heartbreaking past, Alabasta was about Princess Nefertari Vivi reclaiming her kingdom, and Enies Lobby dealt with the whole crew's willingness to take on the entire world just to get Robin back. Good stuff!



by 希外

Fun fact: when I first heard somebody say Zechs Merquise's name in the Toonami dub, I thought his name was Sex Monkeys. His real, royal name, Milliardo Peacecraft, was much harder to confuse with something else.

And that's all for this week, folks! Thanks for all your requests from last week, and of course I am taking requests for next week's theme, which is, uh... how do I say this politely? Female characters with large... tracts of land. Female characters who drink milk and take their vitamins. Female characters blessed with ample frontal charms? Yeah, that'll work.


Just no super-young characters for your requests or submissions, because I'm almost thirty and that's kinda gross. Please consider me here!


Of course, your work is welcome here, no matter what it is, so please send me a PM with a link to your art if you want it included in a future installment of Fanart Friday! Who are some of your favorite royal characters? I know I missed quite a few for obvious reasons, but sound off in the comments!


Thanks for dropping by Fanart Friday, and we hope to see you next week!

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