FEATURE: Fanart Friday, Masters and Students Edition

School is starting up again, so get ready with some truly edumacational fanart

Fanart Friday returns, and I'm a little disappointed that we make more comprehensive lists of busty characters than Japanese fans and their collective goldfish memory. That ain't bragging, that's the gospel truth--how the hell do you forget Fujiko Mine, Faye Valentine, Cornelia li Britannia, or vote Highschool of the Dead's Saeko over Shizuka? I MEAN FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD [this segment has been edited for space and content concerns--Nate feels a little too strongly about this subject]


Right, anyways! Now I kinda see where readers are coming from when they're like "OMG HOW U FORGET THIS CHARACTER." Last week, we triple-jumped our way through the Mushroom Kingdom with a Mario-themed edition, but this week it's back to school... sort of. No matter what kind of anime you watch, no matter what kind of games you play, one of the most important relationships you're going to run across is a master and their prized pupil--or pupils, as the case may be.


This week, we'll be checking out fanart of some of our favorite masters and disciples, with a few teachers and students mixed in for good measure! Now get ready--class is starting!



DISCLAIMER:  None of the art presented is the property of myself or Crunchyroll.  All characters and series are tm and © their respective creators and corporate owners.  All art is the creative property of their respective artists.  Any artists who wish to have their work removed from this article may contact me, and appropriate action will be immediately taken.



by あかりSCC関西6Cてー9b

Yeah, let's get this guy out of the way first. Onizuka Eikichi (22 years old) does eventually become a great teacher, and he does eventually care about his students more than he cares about himself, but let's not forget that he became a teacher so he could more easily fool around with high school girls.



by 北原ゆうき

I'm not as caught-up on Saint Seiya Omega as I'd like to be, but for those of you who are--has Marin made an appearance yet? We very briefly saw Seiya in the first episode, but his trainer (and maybe his sister? Maybe?) would be a welcome sight.



by Ashler-Sauce

Splinter is a "master" character who also serves as a surrogate father for the four Ninja Turtles. Never, ever talk about the fifth one. In fact, there is no fifth Turtle.



by himika

Of course, the same could be said about Hajime no Ippo's Coach Kamogawa Genji (the thing about being a surrogate father, not the thing about a fifth Turtle). His boxers are his children, and he'll work them very hard--but in the end, their health and safety are the most important thing to him--even more important than victory.



by ASM

As a series, Naruto is absolutely filled with master/student relationships--you've got Asuma and Shikamaru, Lee and Gai, and of course the main character has several masters. Highest on the list would probably be Jiraiya the Toad Sage, who imparted not only skills, but philosophy and spirit to Naruto. "Give up on me giving up!" has to be one of the coolest lines in the entire series.



by 清順(トンボ)

Teachers don't spend every waking moment tending to their students. Sometimes, they need to take a breath and remember their moments of glory. Young Professor Oak looked like a badass!



by くるみラバー

Many masters are helpful, willing to take extra time to teach. Their own interests and wants come after their students' learning. And then you have characters like Onsokumaru from 2x2 Shinobuden (Ninja Nonsense), who get very easily distracted by their female students, and are suddenly not as interested in teaching any more.



by Iskafiy

After almost every episode of the original ThunderCats, Jaga's spirit form would show up and impart some new wisdom to child-trapped-in-a-man's-body Lion-O. The newer Lion-O (the one voiced by Eric from Boy Meets World) didn't have as much of a connection with Jaga, and it seems the most important lesson he learned was that ladies actually dig the smart guy.



by キド-

You can't talk about masters and students without mentioning Tange Danpei and Yabuki Joe from Ashita no Joe--the main characters of a real cornerstone of manga and anime. While their relationship wasn't as close or developed as Kamogawa and his boxers in Hajime no Ippo, neither one of them would have gone very far without the other.



by anarrog

Speaking of incredibly important titles, the long-awaited anime adaptation of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure will introduce many people to the dapper and slightly insane Will Zepelli. Hamon/Ripple is one of the craziest, most developed and interesting martial arts styles ever seen in manga.



by 星月

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?'s fiercely protective teacher Ariel was a request from last week, and... that's all I've got! I'll need a fan of the series to fill in the rest, since I've only seen one episode!



by ハーン ドク

Every now and then, you get a "master" character who completely breaks the balance of a series. After Kenshin's master Hiko Seijuuro XIII was introduced in Rurouni Kenshin, the mangaka's editor told him to shelve the character--he was so mind-bogglingly powerful that you wouldn't have any more real conflict in the series. I was kinda sad to see him go.



by 庄司二号

I think I figured it out--I obviously don't have a recency bias, and I don't really have a bias toward older series either. I do, however, have a manliness bias--the characters I tend to choose for Fanart Friday come from fist-pumping, chest-pounding, blood-boiling manly titles, like G Gundam's appropriately-named Master Asia. You should all be grateful to my roommate Sarah, who not only helps me with Fanart Friday every week but is kind enough to suggest girly series as well.



by 零式逆転

Being the Avatar is kind of cheating when it comes to the whole master/student thing, since they not only get to train under top masters of the styles they need to learn, but they're also born with the combined knowledge and experience of all the past Avatars as well. Also, is it me, or is Korra just a little too, er... developed in this picture?



by MoonyWings

So uh... yeah, sometimes masters can't teach their students anything. Finn and Jake decide to train under a legendary hero named Billy, who believes in pacifism. He tries to teach them the ways of solving problems non-violently, but let's just say it doesn't work, and soon Finn and Jake are back to saving the day with brute force. Damn, does Adventure Time give the best lessons.



by recco

Ever since these goofballs were introduced waaaay back near the beginning of Naruto, they've been my favorites. But there's one problem: the technique that Lee and Guy both specialize in is lethal at its highest levels. Since then, I've always watched each appearance with baited breath--Kishimoto doesn't have any qualms about killing characters, and I always worry that Konoha's Green Beasts are next on the chopping block.


by OmaruIndustries

Metal Gear Solid 3, easily the best of the entire series, was all about taking your master's lessons to heart, and then surpassing her. It's what every teacher wants--for their students to learn everything they've taught, and then take it a step further. MGS3 showed a more heartbreaking side to that process.



by Yミル

Another task of a master is sacrifice--sometimes, they have to stand in for their student, even if they know things won't end up well for them. Genkai sure took a beating in the Dark Tournament while fighting in Yusuke's place, but it all worked out in the end, more or less.



by たつこ

In his quest to become the strongest disciple in all of history, Kenichi doesn't have one master, he has six--well, seven if you count Miu, but I don't. Sometimes it can get to be a little much--I'm surprised Kenichi has lasted as long as he has.



by blitzcadet

"Too old for the training," Yoda says--so he proceeds to put Luke Skywalker through Hell on Earth (or on Dagobah, in this case) for extended rounds of running, Force-assisted gymnastics, and high-level Force control. Was he trying to get Luke to go crazy?



by ユキオ

What? Don't look at me like that. This is an astoundingly accurate portrayal of Ichigo's "training" with Urahara. It isn't? What are you talking about?


And that wraps it up for this week! You know I can't include every master/student combination, or even every master--who are some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments!


Like I say every week, your art is always welcome here on Fanart Friday. Don't mind the wannabe art critics bitching in the comments, I want to see your art and it is welcome here, regardless of your experience or skill level. Just send me a link to your work and I'll make sure to include it in a future installment!


Next week, we'll continue our "back to school" theme with fanart of SCHOOLKIDS--there sure seem to be an awful lot of high school students in anime, manga, and games! Who do you want to see make an appearance next week? Remember, I haven't seen everything, so make sure to include CHARACTERS' FULL NAMES and WHICH SERIES THEY'RE FROM when you sound off in the comments!


As always, thanks for checking out Fanart Friday, and I hope you have an awesome weekend!

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