FEATURE: Yui Horie's Anime Song TV CM Collection

From "School Rumble" to "Dog Days"

"BEST ALBUM" is the first best album by one of the most popular anime voice actresses in Japan today, Yui Horie. To promote the album which will be released in Japan on September 20, her record company King Records has posted 12 TV CMs for the songs from the album on its official YouTube channel. The album includes her representative anime songs from her first single "Love Destiny" (Sister Princess OP) in 2001 to the newest single “Natsu no Yakusoku” (Dog Days 2nd season ED) in 2012. The two editions of the album (regular: 1 disc, limited: 2 discs) will be released in Japan on September 20, her birthday! Which is your most favorite song by Hocchan?


TV CM for the album



"Scramble" (5th single in 2004/School Rumble OP)



"Hikari" (6th single in 2006/Inukami! OP)



"Days" (7th single in 2007/Nagasarete Airantou OP)



"Koisuru Tenkizu" (8th single in 2007/Nagasarete Airantou 2nd ED)



"Vanilla Salt" (9th single in 2008/Toradora! 1st ED)



"silky heart" (10th single in 2009/Toradora! 2nd OP)



"YAHHO!!" (11th single in 2009/Kanamemo ED)



"Immoralist" (12th single in 2011/Dragon Crisis! 1st OP)



"PRESENTER" (13th single in 2011/Dog Days 1st ED)



"Coloring" (14th single in 2012/Listen to Me Girls I’m Your Father ED)



"Natsu no Yakusoku" (15th single in 2012/Dog Days 2nd ED)

 (Type A)


(Type B)


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