FEATURE: Fanart Friday, First Anniversary Edition

Looking back on a year (and change) of Fanart Friday favorites

Fanart Friday returns, getting set for another year! Last week, we took a look back at Sailor Moon, but this week is another recap episode, taking us back to the very beginning! Technically, Fanart Friday's first edition was on September 23--this past Sunday--so we're a little late. That's all right, it's the thought that counts!



So sit back, grab a beer (or something non-alcoholic if you're under 21), and let's take a look back at Fanart Friday's first year!


DISCLAIMER:  None of the art presented is the property of myself or Crunchyroll.  All characters and series are tm and © their respective creators and corporate owners.  All art is the creative property of their respective artists.  Any artists who wish to have their work removed from this article may contact me, and appropriate action will be immediately taken.



by KurkoBoltsi

And what a way to start off! KurkoBoltsi's work has shown up several times in Fanart Friday--you'll see him in OG RPG Edition with Final Fantasy VI, Pistols at Dawn Edition with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and in Fanart Friday's First Flight with this amazing pic of Kenshin and Shishio's final showdown!



by zihad

Don't worry, it's not gonna be epic battles all day, but we did see several famous throwdowns in New and Improved Edition, including Spider-Man vs. Venom and Son Gohan vs. Cell.


by 九十九

Overseas Edition focused on Pixiv artists, and despite the fact that I cruise multiple art communities, I still think the vast majority of the art I choose for Fanart Friday comes from Pixiv.



by ichitakaseto

It's always nice when you get two requests done at once--Deviant Home Edition rounded out a two-week theme and gave us this great Black Rock Shooter vs. Touhou pic!



by 水縞暁

We did another two-week theme for Halloween (Scary Movie Edition and Trick or Treat Edition), and of course we're doing another Halloween special this year! Plus, you can never get enough Tony Tony Chopper.



by Mike Krahulik (Penny Arcade)

Here's something I want to do more often: post fanart from pros. All-Pro Edition brought us fanart from Lauren Montgomery, Ed McGuinness, Takahiro Kimura, and more! However, there's a reason I focus on "regular" fanart more often...



by geikou

...because I love seeing what "regular" people can get up to. All About You Edition featured some great art from Crunchyroll's community! Real talk, though: Fanart Friday isn't the place for art critiques--that's dA, or ConceptArt, or Void. I want your work, regardless of your skill level or experience--I say it every week. Artists, if you want to improve, you're going to have to learn to take criticism, but this is a place to have fun, and be a fan. I don't care if people improve here, it's not the place for it. I've loved every single submission you guys have sent in--I loved seeing the enthusiasm and excitement in everybody's individual style.



by SharpWriter

Speaking of not taking any guff from punks, Manly Men Edition gave us a look at some of the greatest heroes ever, from Big Boss to Guts to President Theodore Roosevelt himself!



by あまさひかえ

Bad guys got the spotlight in Black Friday Edition, back when we were still confused as to who Tobi really was. Still no spoilers, that hasn't shown up in the anime yet!



by 桐川いくむ

So, funny story--true story--in Back to Basics Edition, I asked for reader submissions. I was planning on doing special "reader submission" editions every other month or so, but only two people sent in fanart. One of them was Joseph Luster. My co-worker. So yeah, I had to think fast, and MacGyver Edition was born.






by №15

I think it's safe to say that fighting games are my favorite genre (as evidenced by Six-Button Edition), but after I review Dead or Alive 5 this week I'm gonna take a short break.



by Migo

I was racking my brain on what to call this year's Christmas Fanart Friday, but I think I got it right the first time: X-Mas Xtravaganza XTREME Edition X. So I think this year's will be X-Mas Xtravaganza XTREME Edition X2.



by mrsloth

Starting up 2012, I took it easy--Home Library Edition looked through Crunchyroll's library and gave some suggestions on what to check out! It's funny... I still need to watch more Chihayafuru...



by gaogaigirl

Classic-Model Mecha Edition let us reminisce on everything from GoLion/Voltron here to Patlabor, Giant Robo and more. It was almost too much badass for one installment.


by ゼータ·スラシヤー

So 1995 was the arbitrary cutoff point that separated "classic" from "modern" for our mecha two-parter, which means that "new classics" like Escaflowne got to shine in Fresh Off the Assembly Line Mecha Edition. Damn, that's a mouthful.



by ryo-hakkai

You guys sure do love your RPGs! Turn-Based Edition started a three-week theme, with the first installment focusing on non-Square and non-Enix titles.



by Jake Murray

Part two of the RPG trilogy, OG RPG Edition, was all about Squaresoft, Enix, and Square-Enix titles. Strangely, the third installment (Journey to the West Edition, focusing on WRPGs) wasn't all that popular.



by 皿洗い

Valentine's Day is usually more about being open with your feelings, but Reservation for Two Edition also took a look at some of the more low-key romances from favorite titles.



by 樽生

Then we went in the complete opposite direction for the following week, as Pistols at Dawn Edition showed some of our favorite rivalries. Funny that, I just finished watching the insane Goku vs. Vegeta rematch...



by DomotoLain

The super-sparkly Kira-Kira Magical Girl Edition had quite a few magical girls--and one magical boy.




After all the sparkles and girliness, I needed some GAR--that's where On Our Backs and In Our Hearts Edition delivered. It's hard to get more badass in gaming than Contra--personally, I think it's downright impossible.



by たま

After quite a bit of yelling, screaming, and swearing upon my soul, we needed to chill a bit. That's where Cool as a Cucumber Edition came in, with lots of level-headed, cool-tempered people. Squall barely qualifies--not because he's hot-blooded, but because he's just a gigantic douche.



by ももち

Ninja are a staple of anime, manga, and games, so Real Ultimate Power Edition shared fanart of shinobi favorites. As much as I love Basilisk, it's hard for me to call it a "favorite" since it's so depressing--I don't rewatch it much.



by 御雲(雲之介)

I was pretty exacting with the definition of "samurai" for Live by the Code Edition, so Zoro kind of doesn't belong here... but actual samurai characters Date Masamune and Hijikata Toshizo are samurai, and all three characters are voiced by Kazuya Nakai!



by calantia

I was hungry while trying to decide what Fanart Friday's theme would be, so Om Nom Nom Edition was all about food and food-themed characters, from serious(ish) cooking titles like Yakitate! Ja-Pan to stoner shounen fighters like Toriko!


by そらみそ

By far, one of our most overwhelmingly popular installments was Girls with Glasses Edition. I wonder why?


by whitegryphon

There was a lot of excellent Pokémon-related art in Gotta Catch 'em All Edition, but the simplicity of this Magikarp/Gyarados painting really caught my eye.


by へる

Y'know what's weird: you guys seem to love harem anime, and yet One Lucky Bachelor(ette) Edition, which was all about harem anime, is the least popular Fanart Friday! Like, more so than the one about WRPGs!



by コスガクミ

I almost always write Fanart Fridays on Thursday night before I go to bed. I had to do Marvel Edition a little bit early, since I was at the midnight showing for The Avengers!



by 96☆

You asked, and we answered! Girls with Glasses Edition left some readers feeling left out, so of course we followed up on that: Guys with Glasses Edition was also a huge hit!



by DarkKenjie

Midnight Run Edition couldn't have come at a better time--Toonami's return had just been announced, and people were pumped! How do you like the new Toonami?



by ryoukan

For Memorial Day Weekend, I was off for my tenth year at FanimeCon, so our very own Scott Green took over for a massive Memorial Day Mash-Up Super Show!



by togatsuko

Upon my return, I went for something simple--Hunters of the Night Edition delivered exactly what it promised!



by STECHA191

For Dance to the Music Edition, we took a look at our favorite music-based series, as well as musician characters!


by Shin Arc

There are plenty of fathers in anime that we love, but few are as, uh... special as the mermaid mafia from Seto no Hanayome. Favorite Fathers Edition featured great dads like Maes Hughes, and total jerks like Gendou Ikari!



by aoki

When you think of royal families in anime, one of the first that comes to mind is Lelouch and company from Code Geass. Royal Rumble Edition did not feature any wrestlers or cage matches, but had nobility and royalty, in hiding or otherwise!



by ツネくん

Brick House Edition was pretty self-explanatory. I also really enjoyed putting this installment together. It's one of the most popular Fanart Fridays ever.



by arkeis-pokemon

After a timely All-American Edition celebrating the 4th of July, we went to the beach and traditional Japanese festivals with Fun in the Sun Edition!



by Aym★

With The Dark Knight Rises capping Christopher Nolan's Bat-trilogy, we celebrated the heroes and villains of the DCU (and a little bit of New 52) with the very simply-titled DC Comics Edition! Have you heard the rumors that the New 52 event is ending, and we're going back to the regular DCU?



by ガチャ

Apparently people were worried that I was some kind of sexist pig who would only show fanart of sexy women--this is completely untrue! Total Studmuffin Edition gave fans of anime's sexiest men a whole installment's worth of bishies and beefcakes, with some BL on the side!



by 星河 昂

While Merchandise-Friendly Mascot Edition featured Kyubey, I'm sick of seeing that little punk's mug everywhere. I wanted something a little more iconic, so... Dragon Quest Slimes! And, uh... Broly! For some reason.



by TsaoShin

After a stopover in sword-and-gun land for Weapon of Choice Edition, we celebrated the most important character in all of gaming with Do the Mario Edition!



by MoonyWings

So many masters! So many students! But only one Billy in Masters and Students Edition.



by らり

Back to School Edition didn't even cover half of the anime and manga that took place at school, but I'd like to think we got an A for effort!



by 餅好

The past month of Fanart Friday has been focusing solely on single titles... but it's been working! You guys like it! Future Hokage Edition took us through the friends and foes of everybody's favorite loudmouth ninja!



by アララ

My definite favorite of the last half-dozen Final Fantasy titles gets to represent the aptly-named Final Fantasy Edition. It's kind of a boring name, but it was mainly so I could call it FF:FF Edition.



by Athena-chan

Finally, we're caught up to now! Last week's By the Power of the Moon Edition gave us a look at the world of Sailor Moon, as well as a bunch of her allies and enemies!


by Joseph Luster

Our very own Joseph Luster sent me this great Jet Set Radio pic--I wonder how he got that kickass spray effect?

Holy crap, finally! I've been working on this damn thing all day! Since I've linked to every Fanart Friday of the past year, which installment has been your favorite? Which pic, or artist is your favorite? Sound off in the comments!


Like I said before, your art is always welcome here, regardless of your skill level or experience. If you want your work to be included in a future Fanart Friday, PM me a link to work and I'll make sure to use it in a future installment! Next week, we're starting off the new season the easy way, with SHOUNEN titles! (Yes, we're doing shoujo titles the following week.) This means no Berserk, no Hellsing, no Black Lagoon--those are seinen! Are there any shounen favorites you'd like to see next week?


I want to extend my sincerest thanks to everybody who's offered suggestions or sent in submissions for Fanart Friday. Thanks go to the Crunchyroll News team--Patrick for approving Fanart Friday in the first place, Joseph for sending me submissions, Emily for sending me links to some really kickass work, Scott for taking over while I was on vacation, and Humberto for enthusiastically helping me out with Brick House Edition. A big thank-you also goes to my roommate Sarah, who not only puts up with my shit on a weekly basis, but has helped with most of the installments of Fanart Friday you guys have read and enjoyed.


Thanks again for checking out Fanart Friday, and here's to another year of fun! Have a great weekend, everybody!

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