FEATURE: TV Anime "Tari Tari" Exhibition in Otaroad

The biggest otaku town in western Japan

Akihabara is not only otaku mecca in Japan. Otaroad (meaning "Road of Otaku") in the Nippombashi district, Osaka-city, has been known as Osaka's equivalent of Akihabara in a little smaller scale. Just like Akihabara, the street was one of the major electrical shop towns in Japan, but it is now filled with otaku-centered shops including ostentatious maid cafes.


One of the shops in the area Geestore Osaka Annex is now holding a special exhibition featuring the TV anime series Tari Tari, which has just finished its run in Japan last week. You can see a lot of production materials including character design sheets, story boards, and key animations from the series.


* Tari Tari is now available on Crunchyroll!





Geestore Osaka Annex entrance


The poster for the exhibition


Character design sheets


Story boards


Key animations


Illustration by the manga artist Tomiyaki Kagisora


Autographs by the anime voice cast


Yuzu Otome Cider (soda pop)




Surfboard with autographs by the anime voice cast 


* all of the photos were taken by Mikikazu Komatsu with the permission from the store

anime image © Tari Tari Project

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