FEATURE: Limited Time "Yui Horie" Cafe Opens in Akihabara

In commemoration of her second best album

I found some comments by the fans who were interested in the photo of the Yui Horie cafe in my Akihabara report of October 8th. So I revisited the town to check the inside of the cafe for them yesterday. The limited time "Yui Horie Collaboration Cafe" has opened to commemorate the release of "BEST ALBUM", popular anime voice actress Yui Horie's second best album in Japan. It is located on the basement floor of the Karaoke Pasela Akihabara Electric Town (Denki-Gai) store and opens from September 18th to October 21st. You can enjoy food and drinks inspired by her hit songs watching her promotional videos in the screen.


*all of the photos were taken by Mikikazu Komatsu with the permission from the cafe


The entrance. It uses the floor of "Bar Rhythm" from 11:30 to 17:00.


The inside. I visited immediately after the cafe opened, so there were no other customers yet.


You can take pictures with the life-size panel of Hocchan.


The cafe was decorated with the titles of her hit songs.


The big screen was showing her promotional videos continuously.


The menu


Menu order sheet


I ordered "YAHHO!!" drink (green apple soda) which was inspired by her 11th single.


And Monja-taste croquette with grilled cheese. Monja-yaki is her favorite Japanese food.


You can get a tin badge for each order. So I got two Hocchan badges!


Other drinks. Which do you want to try?



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