The Revenge of Weekly Pixiv Prime

Kick the week off with a look at what has been popular and interesting on Japanese art community

We're back with a hurricane dampened second installment! To start things off on a high note, we've combed through Japanese art community Pixiv and compiled what was popular or interesting over the last week. It's kind of like Fan Art Friday, but based on time, rather than theme and to wind the week up rather than down.


a refrigerator, duct-tape-decorated with [email protected] art

via ひら

artist previously decorated with a Gurren Lagann design

via 真琉樹@アカ増えた

via 春夏秋冬 鈴(ひととせ りん)

via ArseniXC


via コダマユウヤ

via 瑠騎



via ファルまろ

via うなさか

via [email protected]

via きょう【青プA15】

via ぴよ@ついったもどり

via [email protected]マスター


via vient

via 74

via シノ


via 超早乙女研究所

via クロユズ

via 幻想絵風

via 哔叽(BG)

via 鶴亀

via eim

via とばり


via 小野

via ハレノチアメ

via yuna

via HSG(梯子)

via 槌居(つちい)

via sukabu


via inu


via 西村ツチカ

via 染谷

via わたのれ

via N-H

via 魔王アルバ

via ケースワベ


via とじょさか。


via toshi

via しる

via 長乃


 via たみ。

via めばえろす

via 風李たゆ

via あきまん

via うまるつふり@妹紅

via Maret

via [email protected]4サ1


via 學習君

via さわ

via [email protected]

via ベニヤニス


via 草子

via さの

via Kiichi


via モチカ


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