FEATURE: Fanart Friday, Happy Derpday Edition

Enjoy an installment of complete self-indulgence--and more great fanart!

Fanart Friday returns, totally okay with starting the party early. Last week, we suited up and blasted off into space with a science fiction-themed installment, but this week, it's all about me. Well, not really--just stuff I like. See, I try and hit every base with Fanart Friday, even covering themes I'm not as big a fan of. Why? Because at the end of the day, it's really all about you guys. Sure, every now and then I do an installment that's just me having fun, but I'm more than happy to follow up on reader requests.


That's why this week, I'm takin' over this joint. You're gonna see all the stuff that I like! You'll see fanart of stuff that would otherwise never make the cut! I'm not stuck in here with you, you're stuck in here with me! AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH--mm. Ahem. Anyways, yeah. It's also my birthday on Monday, so that's the real reason I'm taking over for this installment.



So kick back, grab a Yoo-Hoo, and let's dive into this week's Fanart Friday!


DISCLAIMER:  None of the art presented is the property of myself or Crunchyroll.  All characters and series are tm and © their respective creators and corporate owners.  All art is the creative property of their respective artists.  Any artists who wish to have their work removed from this article may contact me, and appropriate action will be immediately taken.



by DMGoodrum

See that explosion in the background? Lonely Island has warned us that a boombox is not a toy, but it looks like Respeck Knucks aren't to be trifled with, either. I hope that eventually I'll get to use an actual tag-team of Zangief and Mike Haggar in a Capcom fighter, preferably one of the Vs. titles.



by 金色夜叉

No matter how many remakes we get, or the hilariously misplaced uproar over a talented artist's work, Rurouni Kenshin is still going to be one of my top three favorites. Nothing can change how good those 28 original volumes were. Why do you think the first Natestalgia was about the anime?



by DazTibbles

I dunno about everybody else, but I'm looking forward to A Good Day to Die Hard. Yeah, yeah, "Yippie-ki-yay, Mother Russia" and all that, but it's more John McClane kicking bad guy ass. Blue-collar heroes don't win with skill--they win with heart. Or dogged determination and an incredibly high tolerance for pain.



by Matelandia

Of course, no amount of heart can help you when your opponent endlessly beats you in the corner while you uselessly cover your face with your hands and pray for it all to end. No matter how many hours I spend in Practice Mode, no matter how effortlessly I can pull off one-frame links, that accurately describes my experience in Street Fighter. And I love every second of it.



by aneunyeoja

Quick review: DROP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND GO SEE SKYFALL. It's an actual Bond movie, not a Bourne movie that happens to have James Bond in it like the last two. This picture's awesome too, especially the gleefully sinister Silva, but why doesn't Bond have his signature Walther PPK?



by tbtb

Yeah, that seems about right. Fedor Emelianenko was unusual in the world of MMA--a true heavyweight who didn't look like a fighter, just somebody's pudgy, balding dad. And then you see him fight, and this Russian cyborg gets dropped on his head and fought for twenty minutes against Mirko "my left leg will send you to the morgue, and I also made Bob Sapp cry when I broke his eye socket" Filipovic, and still kicked everybody's asses! And people say MMA's not exciting...



by KurkoBoltsi

OH MY GOD OH MY GOD JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE PART 2: BATTLE TENDENCY IS GETTING ANIMATED. Part 3: Stardust Crusaders is far and away the most popular, but the crazy adventures of Joseph Joestar and Stroheim as they battle the creators of the Stone Mask are like a combination of Indiana Jones and Fist of the North Star. It's glorious.



by エミリー

Pilates, avoiding red meat, and probiotics are not fountains of youth, but One Piece is. Every week I'm hooked, reading with baited breath as the Straw Hats take on the worst that the New World has to offer. It's always great to have heroes you can cheer for.



by Mundokk

Speaking of heroes you can cheer for, Hajime no Ippo (released Stateside as Fighting Spirit) teaches a very important lesson that many shounen series overlook: not everyone who works hard ends up succeeding, but all those who succeed have worked hard! Why did this not do well here again? Oh, right, sports.


by hone

I love Metal Gear, and I really can't wait for Ground Zeroes. Personally, I think the series hit a high point with Metal Gear Solid 3 and Peace Walker--the Cold War setting really worked for the series, instead of MGS4's insane, hyper-futuristic battlefield.



by 猫妖怪

Lookin' kinda girly there, Frodo. Then again, I wouldn't be looking all brave with a giant spider bearing down on me. I'm getting ready for a 12-hour Lord of the Rings Extended Edition marathon before The Hobbit hits theaters--who else is as pathetic awesome masochistic as me?



by Patrick Brown

If there's one movie you can put on and I will happily watch every single time even though I know every single line of dialogue, it's Predator--an action movie that gave us two future governors, a surprising amount of suspense, and the best one-liner ever delivered by an action star!


by drankin

Like a lot of 49ers fans, I've had to accept that the "Joe Montana days" are long past. But holy crap, the last two seasons have been great! Head coach Jim Harbaugh is like a living cartoon character, going all Gurren-Lagann on the sidelines! Barring a particularly embarassing loss to the Giants this season (and a not-as-bad loss to the Vikings), the 2012 season has really given us something to cheer for after years and years of the Niners getting stomped.



by まうす。@無期限休止中

Even though I watched localized anime on TV like Star Blazers and Voltron, my real start with anime was with Dragonball Z, which was wrapping up the Cell Games on Japanese TV when we first moved there. The series isn't high art, but it's still incredibly fun, even after all these years.



by Tight-Web

I love DC, but I've always been more of a Marvel fanboy. As one of the "blue collar" heroes I mentioned earlier, Spider-Man always has to drag himself up from the mud in order to barely eke out a win. When it's done well, it's great stuff.



by yujiandhisboa

So the Clottey fight ran a little too long for a one-sided beatdown, and the Bradley fight was total BS, but I'm still looking forward to Manny Pacquiao fighting Juan Manuel Marquez (for a fourth time!) on December 8. Do we have any boxing fans here?



by MrStaypuft

Y'know, I'm usually pretty hard on HD remakes, because you should really only pretty up a game if the gameplay--the most important part--still holds up. While I don't think Nintendo's going to go nuts with the HD remakes, this awesome Star Wars sendup gives me hope for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker in HD. Or any other toon-styled Zelda in HD. Or Star Wars done in Wind Waker style in HD.


by BLZ

Or a new Contra. All the video games these days are so damn girly, with your regenerating health and your unlimited continues and your emphasis on storytelling. Eff that, I want a game that tries to physically harm me.



by D Helmer

The brilliant artist of The Meek has captured one of the things I love about Frasier--it's about two total snobs who are stuck with the rest of us. I always forget how much I like this show until my roommate decides to marathon it again.



by E-Mann

You have no idea how obsessed I was with Mass Effect. The first game was basically Star Trek: The Next Generation with military undertones, which was the perfect way to get me 100% hooked.



by theCHAMBA

Even with all the terrible sequels and blitz of merchandise, The Land Before Time still stands as one of my favorite animated movies. It's actually really bleak for a kids' movie, like a lot of Don Bluth's early work. Strangely, An American Tail doesn't hold up as well.



by 白木

It's criminal that Matsumoto gets so little screentime in Bleach.


Yeah, that's really all I have to say about that. That's everything for this week!


Thanks, everybody, for putting up with this rare once-a-year occurrence (until Brick House Edition gets a sequel, anyways). Since we're going back to normal, I'm more than happy to take requests for next week, as well as your submissions--all of your work is welcome, regardless of your skill level or experience. Send me a link to your work and I'll make sure to use it in a future installment! For those of you wanting to get the jump on next week's Fanart Friday, we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving and looking at characters we're thankful for--HEROES! Only the most noble and truly heroic will make the cut, so no Batman!


Thanks again for checking out Fanart Friday, and we hope to see you next week! Have a great weekend, everybody!

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