FEATURE: Gunpla Expo World Tour Japan 2012 Part 1: Gundam Kits Collection

Gundam AGE, Gundam Unicorn, Gundam SEED, and more!!

Bandai, the most successful toy/model kit company in Japan, is now holding an annual on-site sale exhibition "Gunpla Expo World Tour Japan 2012" at Akihabara UDX's AKIBA_SQUARE (2nd floor) in Tokyo from November 22nd to 25th. The four days event features the newest "Gunpla", Gundam plamodel kits, from the latest TV series Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, OVA series Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, HD Remastered version of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED for Blu-ray, and various other old series.


Akihabara UDX




The entrance featuring Z Gundam


Kits from U.C. 0079-0087


Kits from U.C.0088-0093


Kits from U.C.0096


Gundam Unicorn section

MG Unicorn Gundam


MG Full Armor Gundam Unicorn ver.Ka




MG Sinanju ver.Ka


MG Sinanju Stein


HGUC Gundam Delta Kai



SD Gundam BB Senshi section



Gundam SEED/SEED Destiny section

MG Aegis Gundam


MG Buster Gundam


HG R17 Perfect Strike Gundam



Gundam AGE section


RG kits section


In the RG kit section, three big screens introduce the newest kits by CG animation.




All of the photos were taken by Mikikazu Komatsu


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